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Tuesday – Power BI Technology and More

Every Tuesday, I look at a tech topic. This could be a new feature, how something works or how to troubleshoot something within Power BI technology, Reporting Services and Analysis Services.

This may also include the occasional topic relating to the Microsoft Data Platform as a whole, such as SQL Server or an Azure technology. Because of Power BI, there will also be content related to Office 365 and Azure Active Directory.

Power BI Row-Level Security And Where To Filter

In this video, Patrick looks at Power BI Row-Level Security And where to filter. He found that, after applying dynamic security, customers showed up in a slicer when they should not have. Challenge accepted! He [...]

Power BI Tutorial: 4 Ways To Get Data

In this Power BI tutorial, Adam looks at 4 ways to get data in Power BI. This focuses on Power BI Desktop and the main storage modes - Import, DirectQuery and Live Connections to Analysis [...]

Power BI Drillthrough Updates

Did you know there were Power BI drillthrough updates? In this video, Patrick looks at the drillthrough updates in Power BI Desktop. This includes Keep All Filters which will pass the filters on your parent [...]

Push Power BI Apps To Users Explained

In this video, Adam goes inside to look at how you can push Power BI apps to users. The Power BI apps may not show up right away and Adam explains why.

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