Create a Power BI app registration in 6 steps

We look at a Power BI tutorial on how to properly complete the app registration within Azure Active Directory (AAD). This power bi tutorial is needed as we see many questions about the proper configuration for a Power BI app registration regarding which settings to use. App registrations are needed to use the Power BI [...]

Create mail-enabled security groups to use in Power BI via PowerShell

In this video, Adam looks at how you can create mail-enabled security groups via PowerShell and copy members from an Office 365 Unified group into that new group. This came about based on a limitation that within Power BI, you can't list O365 Unified groups (what back App workspaces) from the people picker for access [...]

Give external users access to your Azure Analysis Services server

In this video, Patrick looks at how you can provide access to your Azure Analysis Services server to external users. This is done by way of the Business to Business (B2B) capabilities of Azure Active Directory. He then takes it to the next level and shows how you can then take advantage of this within [...]

Find Power BI users that have signed in

In this video, I look at how you can find Power BI users that have signed in within your organization. I start with looking at PowerShell to see which users have a license assigned, but then we can head over to Azure Active Directory and look at some of the reports that are built in [...]

3 Scenarios to Understand Azure Active Directory Better with Power BI

Have you struggled to understand Azure Active Directory (AAD)? Let's look at 3 scenarios, focused around Power BI, to help understand Azure Active Directory versus your local Active Directory (AD). You may not know the difference between AAD and local AD. Honestly, why does it matter? As long as your reports work and you can do [...]

What does Power BI cost?

So, what does Power BI cost? Have you had that question? You may be surprised! Let's dig into that question and a few other related questions. How much does Power BI cost? Power BI has two offerings. Power BI (free) and Power BI Pro. As of this writing, the cost for Power BI Pro [...]

Power Query, KPIs and thumbnails – Roundup #42

A post on how to use Power Query to audit file changes. A look at KPIs within Power BI. Keeping up to date with Azure Active Directory Connect. And a post about how to use custom thumbnails for mobile reports in Reporting Services 2016. Power Query as a File Audit Tool (@ExceleratorBI) KPIs and Power [...]

Authentication with AS live connections in Power BI

I break down how authentication works when using live connections for Analysis Services in Power BI. This happens through the enterprise gateway. You need to make sure your Analysis Services box is joined to a domain and that the email address you sign in with matches a local UPN within Active Directory.  

4 steps to use a custom directory with Power BI for developers

I look at how you can use your Azure Subscription to create a custom directory and then apply a Power BI (free) license to that. This is a great approach, if you are a developer, to setup an application within your directory for testing purposes before you publish to production.  

Using OneDrive for Business with Power BI

Sharon asked a question about how to get started with OneDrive for Business and then use that with Power BI. I look at how you can get up and running, and then look at how you can connect to documents within OneDrive from Power BI. This also touches on your Organizational account and how that [...]