What to expect on June 1st with Power BI!

On May 3rd, we announced new offerings and changes to Free and Pro users. The changes for Free users go into effect on June 1st. In this video, Adam looks at what you can expect to see when you sign into the Power BI service on June 1st if you are an eligible user for [...]

Can I use the audit log if I’m a Power BI Admin?

In this video, I answer a question I get fairly often. Can I use the audit log if I have the Power BI service administrator role assigned to me within Office 365. I also make an announcement about the future of Guy in a Cube. Admin portal doc Audit log doc Power BI Auditing for [...]

What does Power BI cost?

So, what does Power BI cost? Have you had that question? You may be surprised! Let's dig into that question and a few other related questions. How much does Power BI cost? Power BI has two offerings. Power BI (free) and Power BI Pro. As of this writing, the cost for Power BI Pro [...]

3 ways to try Power BI

Are you wanting to try Power BI, but not sure where to start? This is for you! I look at some ways you can get up and running with Power BI quickly. This is for an individual, or for your organization within Office 365. Try Power BI for free by signing up at powerbi.com [...]

Using OneDrive for Business with Power BI

Sharon asked a question about how to get started with OneDrive for Business and then use that with Power BI. I look at how you can get up and running, and then look at how you can connect to documents within OneDrive from Power BI. This also touches on your Organizational account and how that [...]

Migrating to the new Power BI experience

In this video, I look at what is involved with migrating from the old Power BI for Office 365 experience to the new Power BI experience that was made generally available in July 2015. We will be going into limited support for the Power BI for Office 365 experience soon, and it will be deprecated [...]