Using R Visuals with Power BI

You can take advantage of the R Script showcase to start using R Visuals with your reports. These provide great examples of what your R Script should look like to interact with data and you can compare how your visual looks to the example. R Script Showcase R Open (Script engine) Webinar: Getting started with [...]

Maps, stories and webinars – Roundup #60

This was a bit of a slow week, but we had a few interesting items. David Eldersveld talks about TopoJSON maps and Power BI. Marco Russo had some Q&A follow up to his #24HOP session. I also talked about the Data Stories Gallery and the Power BI Webinars. Lastly, we had some news about Power [...]

Excel, Mobile and geocoding – Roundup #54

In today's roundup I have a post about using Excel to work with Power BI data, creating phone layouts for dashboards, some geocoding, and something a little fun. ANALYSE POWER BI DATA IN EXCEL (@sobnz) Geocoding using R and Google Maps in Power BI (@AnkitPatira) Optimize your phone experience with a new customizable dashboard New [...]

Power BI Desktop, R visual and more – Roundup #52

This week we look at Power BI Desktop, KPIs and R visuals. Also, this is a special week because it is episode #52. That's one year of roundups! To celebrate and say THANK YOU, I'm giving something away! I will announce the winner in next weeks roundup! Dynamic Row Level Security with Power BI Made [...]