Power BI parameters – Updating in the Power BI Service or with APIs

In this video, Adam looks at how you can update Power BI parameters within the service or by using APIs. You can create Power BI Parameters within Power BI Desktop using Power Query. Then you can update those Power BI parameters once the report is published to the Power BI service. PowerShell Samples

Embed Power BI Q&A into your application

In this video, Adam shows you how to get started with embedding Power BI Q&A in your application. The JavaScript Embed Sample helps you with sample code that you can use in your application. GenerateToken (Embed Token) for Q&A JavaScript Embed Sample

Get an embed token for your Power BI dashboards and reports

In this video, Adam shows you how you can use the Power BI REST APIs to get an embed token. This is done with the GenerateToken API. In order to do this, you have to register an app with Azure Active Directory, then you need to write some code to authenticate with Azure Active Directory [...]

3 ways to embed Power BI

You may find yourself wanting to embed Power BI into your website or application. You have several options that are available, and we will look at three of those. Options to Embed Power BI You have three main options to embed items from Power BI into your site or application. These are Publish to [...]

Excel, Mobile and geocoding – Roundup #54

In today's roundup I have a post about using Excel to work with Power BI data, creating phone layouts for dashboards, some geocoding, and something a little fun. ANALYSE POWER BI DATA IN EXCEL (@sobnz) Geocoding using R and Google Maps in Power BI (@AnkitPatira) Optimize your phone experience with a new customizable dashboard New [...]