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BTS: My video recording setup

This is the beginning of a series about how I make my YouTube videos. This video starts with a look at my setup. You only see what is in front of the camera in the cropped frame. In this video, I show you what I see and how things are placed. For all of you [...]

BTS: My video recording setup2017-06-02T10:32:45+00:00

BTS: What’s in my bag? | April 2016

Behind the Scenes!!! To celebrate passing the 1000 Subscriber milestone, on the YouTube Channel, I go through what is in my bag. A look at all my gear. Thank you so much for watching the videos I put out and for giving me thoughts on what you want to see! Casey Neistat's Guide to Filmmaking [...]

BTS: What’s in my bag? | April 20162017-03-16T09:01:20+00:00