Power BI Updates, a birthday and more… (July 16, 2018)

Center the X-Axis on a Line Chart (@Seth_C_Bauer) 'What If' Analysis Techniques For Power BI (@Enterprise_dna) Happy Birthday Power Query (@ExceleratorBI) Power BI Service and Mobile June Feature Summary Power BI expands self-service prep for big data, unifies modern and enterprise BI BONUS ITEMS: User Specified Growth on an Investment using Power BI (@ExceleratorBI) Creating [...]

Power BI Report Background, Power Query, updates and more… (July 9, 2018)

Quick Tips: Hiding Multiple Columns in Power BI Desktop (@biinsightnz) Iconography in Design (@AdatisBI) How to handle different decimal separator when importing csv files (@donsvensen) Changing outer background of Power BI reports (@Dmaslyuk) Power BI Developer community June update Playgroud: https://microsoft.github.io/PowerBI-JavaScript/demo/ BONUS ITEMS: Efficiently rename columns with a function in Power BI and Power Query [...]

Power BI Sudoku, Custom fonts, DAX and more… (June 25, 2018)

Fun with DAX – Sudoku (@PhilSeamark) Custom Web Fonts and Icons in Power BI (@dataveld) POWER BI REPORT SERVER DEVOPS (Trisha McCormick) Automatically expand all fields from a JSON document in Power BI and Power Query (@TheBIccountant) Correct calculate of age in DAX from birthday (@marcorus) BONUS ITEMS: Segmented Filtering with Slicers (@PowerBITips) More Details [...]

Power BI Desktop updates, Certificate prep, DAX and more…

Power BI Quiz (Test Prep for Certification) (@rsaprano) The definitive guide to ALLSELECTED (@FerrariAlberto) Share reports with your teams and partners Connect to tens of thousands of datasets on data.world with the new connector for Power BI Desktop Power BI Desktop February Feature Summary BONUS ITEMS: Joining tables In Power BI using Power Query and/or [...]

Power Query and a new Power BI Desktop update

Power Query – Consecutive Days (@PowerPivotPro) The Each Keyword in Power Query (@kpuls) Remove repeating characters from a string in Power BI and Power Query (@TheBIccountant) "In the Previous" Date Filters In Power BI/Get&Transform/Power Query (@cwebb_bi) Query folding to improve Power BI performance (@CurbalEN) Power BI Desktop January Feature Summary BONUS ITEMS: Adding Comments & [...]

Dynamically change chart axis in Power BI

In this video, Patrick builds on a blog post from Scott Senkeresty to dynamically change the axis of your visual within Power BI. This uses a combination of Power Query and DAX. Chris Cook - @Finalyst89 Scott Senkeresty – @ScottSenkeresty Dynamically changing chart axis http://tinylizard.com/dynamically-changing-chart-axis/

Copy Conditional Columns in Power Query or Power BI

In this video, Adam looks at how to use conditional columns within Power Query and then copying them for use in other queries or Power BI Desktop files. This is a great technique if you don't want to retype all of the conditional items in the dialog in Power BI.

SSRS APIs, M Queries, Power BI Desktop and more

Exploring The New SSRS 2017 API In Power BI (@technitrain) Bulk-extracting Power Query M-code from multiple pbix files in Power BI (@TheBIccountant) Automatic installs of Power BI Desktop (@CurbalEN) How administrators can manage the Power BI Desktop sign-in form Visualizing and interacting with your Azure Machine Learning Studio experiments Congratulations to the Winners of the [...]

Pivot, Join Types, PowerApps with Power BI and more…

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Power BI Report Server, data privacy and more

Data Privacy Settings In Power BI/Power Query, Part 1: Performance Implications (@technitrain) SSAS TABULAR VS MULTIDIMENSIONAL FEATURE MATRIX (@BrettPowell76) Reusing Datasets Imported to the Power BI Service (@SQLChick) Power BI Report Server preview now available What’s new in SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1 for Analysis Services BONUS ITEMS: How to compute index numbers at top [...]