Dealing with orphaned Power BI workspaces

What are orphaned Power BI Workspaces and how do you get rid of them? What if you have a lot of them? Adam walks through some options including a PowerShell script! Delete Group/Workspace API: https://docs.microsoft.com/rest/api/power-bi/groups/delete-group AddUserAsAdmin API https://docs.microsoft.com/rest/api/power-bi/admin/groups-add-user-as-admin Power BI PowerShell CMDLETs https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/power-bi/overview?view=powerbi-ps PowerShell Script: https://github.com/itsnotaboutthecell/PowerBI-cmdlets/blob/master/notebooks/PowerBI_Delete_Orphan_WS.ps1

Dealing with orphaned Power BI workspaces2022-03-03T07:09:40-05:00

Personal Gateway governance in Power BI

Gateway sprawl in Power BI can be a problem for organizations looking to govern what data can be refreshed. Learn how you can govern the Personal Gateway to keep it under control. Set-DataGatewayTenantPolicy PowerShell Reference https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/module/datagateway/set-datagatewaytenantpolicy?view=datagateway-ps Get-DataGatewayTenantPolicy PowerShell Reference https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/module/datagateway/get-datagatewaytenantpolicy?view=datagateway-ps Set-DataGatewayInstaller PowerShell Reference https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/module/datagateway/set-datagatewayinstaller?view=datagateway-ps Get-DataGatewayInstaller PowerShell Reference https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/module/datagateway/get-datagatewayinstaller?view=datagateway-ps Azure AD to Microsoft Graph migration https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/azure/azps-msgraph-migration-changes?view=azps-6.6.0

Personal Gateway governance in Power BI2021-11-25T07:25:43-05:00

Custom Visual governance in Power BI

Custom visuals can really expand the capabilities of Power BI! Some organizations want the ability to control what is used within their tenant though. Find out how to govern customer visuals in this video!

Custom Visual governance in Power BI2021-11-18T07:25:32-05:00

🔴 Power BI Deployment, Governance and Q&A with Melissa Coates – LIVE (Jan 23, 2021)

Join us live with Melissa Coates as she shares some knowledge about Power BI deployment and governance followed by Q&A. 📢 RULES FOR Q&A: 📢 👉 Put a "Q:" in front of your comment to help us identify questions! 👉 Super chats take priority 👉 Do NOT re-post your questions! We'll get to as [...]

🔴 Power BI Deployment, Governance and Q&A with Melissa Coates – LIVE (Jan 23, 2021)2022-08-21T14:53:21-05:00
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