Power BI Report Background, Power Query, updates and more… (July 9, 2018)

Quick Tips: Hiding Multiple Columns in Power BI Desktop (@biinsightnz) Iconography in Design (@AdatisBI) How to handle different decimal separator when importing csv files (@donsvensen) Changing outer background of Power BI reports (@Dmaslyuk) Power BI Developer community June update Playgroud: https://microsoft.github.io/PowerBI-JavaScript/demo/ BONUS ITEMS: Efficiently rename columns with a function in Power BI and Power Query [...]

Power BI parameters – Updating in the Power BI Service or with APIs

In this video, Adam looks at how you can update Power BI parameters within the service or by using APIs. You can create Power BI Parameters within Power BI Desktop using Power Query. Then you can update those Power BI parameters once the report is published to the Power BI service. PowerShell Samples

Embedding with Power BI – What’s the difference?

In this video, Adam looks at the differences between the two embedding options with Power BI. We get a lot of questions about what steps need to be taken, what Capacity SKUs are needed and where can they be used. Power BI App registration App registration - Grant Permissions step Power BI steps to get [...]

Embed Power BI Q&A into your application

In this video, Adam shows you how to get started with embedding Power BI Q&A in your application. The JavaScript Embed Sample helps you with sample code that you can use in your application. GenerateToken (Embed Token) for Q&A JavaScript Embed Sample

Power BI Developer resources (embedding, custom visuals and more)

In this video, Adam looks at some of the different resources that are available to you if you are looking to develop against Power BI. Whether that is embedding Power BI content, creating a custom visual or a custom data connector. Embedding resources Documentation: How to embed your Power BI dashboards, reports and tiles Register [...]

Get an embed token for your Power BI dashboards and reports

In this video, Adam shows you how you can use the Power BI REST APIs to get an embed token. This is done with the GenerateToken API. In order to do this, you have to register an app with Azure Active Directory, then you need to write some code to authenticate with Azure Active Directory [...]

Embed a dashboard from Power BI into your application

In this video, I go over the embed a dashboard sample and walk you through how to actually embed a dashboard into your application. This uses a combination of the Power BI REST APIs and the JavaScript API. Embed Dashboards in Your Applications to Monitor Your Business in Context (Blog) Power BI - Integrate a [...]

PowerPoint, Auditing, OneDrive and more… – Roundup #59

I was out last week, but am back! This week we had some information on how to use OneDrive for Business with Power BI, using Power BI inside of PowerPoint along with service updates for Power BI including the new Javascript API. Get Data From OneDrive for Business (@kpuls) Power BI Story in PPT Slides [...]