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Tuesday – Data Tuesday

Every Tuesday we have videos related today. These will focus on Azure Synapse Analytics and related technologies such as Azure Data Explorer (Kusto) and more…

Understanding Gateway Clusters in Microsoft Fabric

Concerned about high availability of your On-Premises Data Gateway within Microsoft Fabric? Gateway clusters are a way of ensuring you can process data for sources going through a gateway. What is an on-premises data gateway? [...]

A look at the Microsoft Fabric Admin Portal

New to Microsoft Fabric Administration? Here is a look at the Admin Portal and how you can manage Microsoft Fabric along with what roles you need to be in. What is the admin portal? https://learn.microsoft.com/fabric/admin/admin-center [...]

Get a custom endpoint without creating an EventHub for EventStreams

No need to create a custom event hub when leveraging eventstreams in Microsoft Fabric. Just create a custom endpoint instead! Patrick shows you how. Add custom endpoint source to an eventstream https://learn.microsoft.com/fabric/real-time-intelligence/event-streams/add-source-custom-app?pivots=enhanced-capabilities

Update Data Sources within Deployment Pipelines

Making use of a Deployment Pipeline within Microsoft Fabric? Not sure how to update data sources for your Power BI semantic model as you move through stages? Adam has you covered! Get started with deployment [...]

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