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Tuesday – Data Tuesday

Every Tuesday we have videos related today. These will focus on Azure Synapse Analytics and related technologies such as Azure Data Explorer (Kusto) and more…

Using Microsoft Fabric Workspaces (Power BI and more!)

Workspaces are a way to organize and manage content within Microsoft Fabric. This includes Power BI content. Adam walks you through what Workspaces are all about and different options available. Workspaces https://learn.microsoft.com/fabric/get-started/workspaces Roles in workspaces [...]

Creating your first Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric

It's time to show the Data Warehouse within Microsoft Fabric some love! Patrick walks you through how you can get started with your first Data Warehouse using Data Pipelines. What is data warehousing in Microsoft [...]

Wait! We can use Databricks data with Microsoft Fabric???

Ready to learn how you can use Databricks with Microsoft Fabric? Patrick shows you how you can integrate the data and enable the MAGIC of Fabric while leveraging your existing Databricks implementation. Using Azure Databricks [...]

The POWER of shortcuts in Microsoft Fabric

We feel shortcuts are one of the most power capabilities within OneLake in Microsoft Fabric! Adam walks through what these are and how you can use them. OneLake shortcuts https://learn.microsoft.com/fabric/onelake/onelake-shortcuts Create an Azure Data Lake [...]

Get and use Python Libraries within Microsoft Fabric

Sometimes you need python libraries that aren't present by default in Microsoft Fabric. Patrick walks you through how to manage your python libraries, so they are available when you need them. Manage Python libraries in [...]

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