Catching up on Power BI updates (Tooltips, Hololens and more)

Power BI Service and Mobile February Feature Summary Announcing Persistent Filters in the Power BI Service Share your Power BI content with anyone by email Power BI Desktop March Feature Summary Power BI for Mixed Reality app now available in Preview BONUS ITEMS: BI Bake Off at Gartner Data and Analytics Summit 2018 On-premises data [...]

Mark as Date Table in Power BI Desktop is here!

Mark as Date Table in Power BI Desktop is finally here! In this video, Patrick takes what Adam did with a custom date table and shows you how you can use Mark as Date Table in Power BI Desktop. This feature was introduced in the February 2018 release of Power BI Desktop. Mark as Date [...]

Power BI date table: create using DAX

In this video, Adam looks at how to create a Power BI date table using DAX. The end result uses a combination of the GENERATE(), ROW() and CALENDARAUTO() DAX functions to create a calculated table resulting in a Power BI date table. Using GENERATE and ROW instead of ADDCOLUMNS in DAX

Power BI Desktop updates, Certificate prep, DAX and more…

Power BI Quiz (Test Prep for Certification) (@rsaprano) The definitive guide to ALLSELECTED (@FerrariAlberto) Share reports with your teams and partners Connect to tens of thousands of datasets on with the new connector for Power BI Desktop Power BI Desktop February Feature Summary BONUS ITEMS: Joining tables In Power BI using Power Query and/or [...]

Use a KPI in a table within Power BI

In this video, Adam shows you how you can import KPIs from Excel into Power BI. Once in Power BI, you can use the KPI in a table or matrix. Documentation: Import and display KPIs in Power BI

Using Azure SQL Database Failover with Power BI

In this video, Patrick shows you how you can easily use Azure SQL Database Failover Groups with Power BI to ensure you have access to your data. Connecting to an Azure SQL Database Failover Group from Power BI is easier than connecting to a secondary replica of an Always On Availability Group.

Icon map, Report Layouts and Power BI Developer update

Introducing Layouts (@powerbitips) Power BI - Icon Map custom visual - Analysing and animating flight data (@jamesdales) Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Power BI (@GregDeckler) Balanced Scorecards in Power BI Power BI Developer community January update BONUS ITEMS: Installing SSRS 2017 (@BeginTry) Customizing Data Alerts in Power BI using PowerApps (@SQLJason) Analyzing Salary Data [...]

Preventing Data Silos with Power BI

In this video, Patrick and Kalyn look at data silos and how to prevent it using Power BI. Different options exist, such as Analysis Services, Azure Analysis Services or models hosted in the Power BI service.

Power Query and a new Power BI Desktop update

Power Query – Consecutive Days (@PowerPivotPro) The Each Keyword in Power Query (@kpuls) Remove repeating characters from a string in Power BI and Power Query (@TheBIccountant) "In the Previous" Date Filters In Power BI/Get&Transform/Power Query (@cwebb_bi) Query folding to improve Power BI performance (@CurbalEN) Power BI Desktop January Feature Summary BONUS ITEMS: Adding Comments & [...]

Download and Deploy a K12 Power BI Solution for schools

In this video, Patrick shares a Power BI solution he created for K12 schools in United States education. This solution includes instructions to create views for use with the Power BI reports. It also includes a Power BI Desktop template for pre-created reports based on your school data.   GitHub Repo -