Leveraging OneLake Explorer – The OneDrive of Data! (Microsoft Fabric)

It's been said that OneLake is the OneDrive of data in Microsoft Fabric! OneLake Explorer makes that even more so. Patrick walks you through how this works and how you can leverage it today! OneLake File Explorer https://learn.microsoft.com/fabric/onelake/onelake-file-explorer

Leveraging OneLake Explorer – The OneDrive of Data! (Microsoft Fabric)2023-07-11T07:46:13-05:00

Create your FIRST Lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric

You started your journey into Microsoft Fabric. Ted wants to help you understand how to create your first Lakehouse and start getting data into OneLake! What is a lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric? https://learn.microsoft.com/fabric/data-engineering/lakehouse-overview Create a lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric https://learn.microsoft.com/fabric/data-engineering/create-lakehouse Ted Vilutis https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedvilutis/ https://twitter.com/tvilutis

Create your FIRST Lakehouse in Microsoft Fabric2023-06-13T01:19:25-05:00

Understanding OneLake within Microsoft Fabric

The key to Microsoft Fabric is definitely OneLake! OneLake enables the reuse of data within Fabric to help drive all of the engines. One copy of the data! Josh Caplan joins us to help get an understanding of the power of OneLake. OneLake, the OneDrive for data https://learn.microsoft.com/fabric/onelake/onelake-overview OneLake shortcuts https://learn.microsoft.com/fabric/onelake/onelake-shortcuts OneLake File Explorer https://learn.microsoft.com/fabric/onelake/onelake-file-explorer [...]

Understanding OneLake within Microsoft Fabric2023-06-06T08:21:45-05:00
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