Drilling into drillthrough in Power BI Desktop

In this video, Patrick looks at how you can use the drillthrough feature within Power BI Desktop. He also looks at how you can drill to multiple fields at the same time. The back image can also be changed and Patrick shows you how to do it!

Embed Power BI Q&A into your application

In this video, Adam shows you how to get started with embedding Power BI Q&A in your application. The JavaScript Embed Sample helps you with sample code that you can use in your application. GenerateToken (Embed Token) for Q&A JavaScript Embed Sample

SSRS APIs, M Queries, Power BI Desktop and more

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M Intellisense, Bookmarks and more

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Using Microsoft Flow and Power BI to help teachers

In this video, Patrick shows how to use Power BI and Microsoft Flow to track attendance in the classroom. This is an idea to help spark your imagination for what is possible with Microsoft technologies. Patrick talks about using expressions in Microsoft Flow. For more information on using expressions, see https://flow.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/use-expressions-in-actions/. Microsoft Flow uses the [...]

Create Power BI Embedded capacity in Microsoft Azure

In this video, Adam walks through how to create Power BI Embedded capacity in the Microsoft Azure portal. He also takes a look at some of the actions you can do within the Azure portal such as scaling and pause/start.

What is Power BI Embedded?

In this video, Adam walks through what Power BI Embedded is. He talks about how you can get started with Power BI Embedded as well as what resources are available for you. From the Azure portal to sample applications, along with documentation for APIs and usage of features, Adam has you covered. Power BI samples [...]