Power BI Tutorial: Sort By A Measure Not Shown In Visual

In this Power BI tutorial, Patrick shows you how you can sort by a measure not show in a visual within Power BI Desktop. This was something we didn't even know about until recently and it a great little Power BI nugget. If you wanted to sort by something not shown in a visual, this [...]

What Does Power BI Cost? (Including Power BI Report Server)

What does Power BI cost? Adam has a lot of discussions around that. He will break down the Power BI cost and covers licenses, Power BI Premium and including Power BI Report Server and more! If you have ever asked yourself "What does Power BI cost?", this video is for you. Power BI Pricing Power [...]

Power BI Updates, a birthday and more… (July 16, 2018)

Center the X-Axis on a Line Chart (@Seth_C_Bauer) 'What If' Analysis Techniques For Power BI (@Enterprise_dna) Happy Birthday Power Query (@ExceleratorBI) Power BI Service and Mobile June Feature Summary Power BI expands self-service prep for big data, unifies modern and enterprise BI BONUS ITEMS: User Specified Growth on an Investment using Power BI (@ExceleratorBI) Creating [...]

Power BI Row-Level Security And Where To Filter

In this video, Patrick looks at Power BI Row-Level Security And where to filter. He found that, after applying dynamic security, customers showed up in a slicer when they should not have. Challenge accepted! He walks through Power BI Desktop to show how he fixed his Row-Level Security problem.

Power BI Tutorial: 4 Ways To Get Data

In this Power BI tutorial, Adam looks at 4 ways to get data in Power BI. This focuses on Power BI Desktop and the main storage modes - Import, DirectQuery and Live Connections to Analysis Services. If you are new to Power BI, be sure to check out this Power BI Tutorial: 4 ways to [...]

Power BI Report Background, Power Query, updates and more… (July 9, 2018)

Quick Tips: Hiding Multiple Columns in Power BI Desktop (@biinsightnz) Iconography in Design (@AdatisBI) How to handle different decimal separator when importing csv files (@donsvensen) Changing outer background of Power BI reports (@Dmaslyuk) Power BI Developer community June update Playgroud: https://microsoft.github.io/PowerBI-JavaScript/demo/ BONUS ITEMS: Efficiently rename columns with a function in Power BI and Power Query [...]

Power BI Drillthrough Updates

Did you know there were Power BI drillthrough updates? In this video, Patrick looks at the drillthrough updates in Power BI Desktop. This includes Keep All Filters which will pass the filters on your parent page to the drillthrough page.

Power BI Sudoku, Custom fonts, DAX and more… (June 25, 2018)

Fun with DAX – Sudoku (@PhilSeamark) Custom Web Fonts and Icons in Power BI (@dataveld) POWER BI REPORT SERVER DEVOPS (Trisha McCormick) Automatically expand all fields from a JSON document in Power BI and Power Query (@TheBIccountant) Correct calculate of age in DAX from birthday (@marcorus) BONUS ITEMS: Segmented Filtering with Slicers (@PowerBITips) More Details [...]

Push Power BI Apps To Users Explained

In this video, Adam goes inside to look at how you can push Power BI apps to users. The Power BI apps may not show up right away and Adam explains why.

Power BI Premium, DAX, Outlook and more… (June 18, 2018)

Line Breaks And Auto-Indent In The Power BI DAX Formula Bar (@cwebb_bi) Power BI Feature Discrepancies for Data Acquisition (@tlachev) FOUR QUESTIONS TO ASK WHEN PLANNING A POWER BI PREMIUM DEPLOYMENT (@mmarie) Use Outlook Shortcuts to organize your favorite Power BI Reports and Dashboards (@cmfinlan) Easier set up of datasets in Power BI BONUS ITEMS: [...]