Power Query and a new Power BI Desktop update

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Download and Deploy a K12 Power BI Solution for schools

In this video, Patrick shares a Power BI solution he created for K12 schools in United States education. This solution includes instructions to create views for use with the Power BI reports. It also includes a Power BI Desktop template for pre-created reports based on your school data.   GitHub Repo - https://github.com/pleblanc72/K12-PBI-Attend-and-Incidents

The On-Premises Data Gateway and Power BI – Revisited

In this video, Adam revisits the On-Premises Data Gateway to help get you up and running with it. This was looked at a year and a half ago and things have changed. The On-Premises Data Gateway can be used with Power BI along with other services like Azure Analysis Services, Microsoft Flow, and PowerApps. Install [...]

Fonts, Images, Power BI Contests and more…

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Azure Analysis Services, Power BI, and the On-Premises Data Gateway

In this video, Patrick looks at when you need the On-Premises Data Gateway when using Azure Analysis Services (Azure AS). Do we need it with Power BI? Or just Azure AS? What's the difference? Patrick also shows you why your gateway may not show up in the Microsoft Azure portal.

Pie charts, DirectQuery and Power BI updates

Please, no pie in the cube! (@nimrodon) To DirectQuery or Not to DirectQuery, that is the question.. (@kjonge) Power BI Desktop December Feature Summary Power BI service October and November feature summary Announcing Power BI Premium support for larger datasets BONUS ITEMS: Design Concepts To Help You Create Better Power BI Reports (@mmarie) Power BI [...]

Dynamically change chart axis in Power BI

In this video, Patrick builds on a blog post from Scott Senkeresty to dynamically change the axis of your visual within Power BI. This uses a combination of Power Query and DAX. Chris Cook - @Finalyst89 Scott Senkeresty – @ScottSenkeresty Dynamically changing chart axis http://tinylizard.com/dynamically-changing-chart-axis/

Embedding with Power BI – What’s the difference?

In this video, Adam looks at the differences between the two embedding options with Power BI. We get a lot of questions about what steps need to be taken, what Capacity SKUs are needed and where can they be used. Power BI App registration App registration - Grant Permissions step Power BI steps to get [...]

Create mail-enabled security groups to use in Power BI via PowerShell

In this video, Adam looks at how you can create mail-enabled security groups via PowerShell and copy members from an Office 365 Unified group into that new group. This came about based on a limitation that within Power BI, you can't list O365 Unified groups (what back App workspaces) from the people picker for access [...]