Embedding with Power BI – What’s the difference?

In this video, Adam looks at the differences between the two embedding options with Power BI. We get a lot of questions about what steps need to be taken, what Capacity SKUs are needed and where can they be used. Power BI App registration App registration - Grant Permissions step Power BI steps to get [...]

Embed Power BI Q&A into your application

In this video, Adam shows you how to get started with embedding Power BI Q&A in your application. The JavaScript Embed Sample helps you with sample code that you can use in your application. GenerateToken (Embed Token) for Q&A JavaScript Embed Sample

Create Power BI Embedded capacity in Microsoft Azure

In this video, Adam walks through how to create Power BI Embedded capacity in the Microsoft Azure portal. He also takes a look at some of the actions you can do within the Azure portal such as scaling and pause/start.

What is Power BI Embedded?

In this video, Adam walks through what Power BI Embedded is. He talks about how you can get started with Power BI Embedded as well as what resources are available for you. From the Azure portal to sample applications, along with documentation for APIs and usage of features, Adam has you covered. Power BI samples [...]

Power BI Developer resources (embedding, custom visuals and more)

In this video, Adam looks at some of the different resources that are available to you if you are looking to develop against Power BI. Whether that is embedding Power BI content, creating a custom visual or a custom data connector. Embedding resources Documentation: How to embed your Power BI dashboards, reports and tiles Register [...]

Get an embed token for your Power BI dashboards and reports

In this video, Adam shows you how you can use the Power BI REST APIs to get an embed token. This is done with the GenerateToken API. In order to do this, you have to register an app with Azure Active Directory, then you need to write some code to authenticate with Azure Active Directory [...]

A look at the new Power BI Embed Sample

This video takes a look at the new Power BI Embed Sample that you can use to learn how to use the JavaScript API. With code examples and comments to give you a feel for what you need to do. Report Embed Sample: https://microsoft.github.io/PowerBI-JavaScript/demo/code-demo/index.html

Dynamics Summit16 Recap

Last week I participated in the Dynamics Summit 16 conference. I was able to help up on a panel answering questions about Power BI. I also presented at their community theater and a session about Power BI deployment options and security. You can check out the Dynamics 365 keynote that ScottGu gave at Summit16. [...]

Tips, Gateway, Embedding and Analysis Services – Roundup #57

There were a bunch of items I found this week. From tips for beginners, to some gateway updates and items for Analysis Services. I have a few bonus links down below that weren't included in the video. Top 10 Tips for Getting Started with Power BI (@ExceleratorBI) Translations in Analysis Services 2016 (@marcorus) On-Premises Data [...]

3 ways to embed Power BI

You may find yourself wanting to embed Power BI into your website or application. You have several options that are available, and we will look at three of those. Options to Embed Power BI You have three main options to embed items from Power BI into your site or application. These are Publish to [...]