Power BI Desktop, R visual and more – Roundup #52

This week we look at Power BI Desktop, KPIs and R visuals. Also, this is a special week because it is episode #52. That's one year of roundups! To celebrate and say THANK YOU, I'm giving something away! I will announce the winner in next weeks roundup! Dynamic Row Level Security with Power BI Made [...]

Row-Level Security in Power BI – Revisited

Several weeks ago, I had a video that talked about Row-Level Security in Power BI. Microsoft released some updates to improve this feature. Row-Level Security in Power BI Desktop Row-Level Security in Power BI has been moved to Power BI Desktop. Specifically, the steps of creating the roles and defining the DAX filters for [...]

Row-Level Security for Cloud models and DirectQuery in Power BI

I look at the Row-Level Security (RLS) feature within the Power BI service for Cloud models and DirectQuery. This does not cover Row-Level Security within Analysis Services as that is a different topic. This also does not look at the SQL Server Database Engine RLS feature within SQL 2016.