Incremental Refresh with Integers in Power BI

How do you use integer date keys with Incremental Refresh in Power BI??? Patrick walks you through how to do it. Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/admin/service-premium-incremental-refresh Download Sample

Power BI community posts… (Roundup | July 6, 2020)

Thanks for watching this week's Power BI news roundup! 2 Minute Tuesday: https://guyinacu.be/userprincipalname Tech video: https://guyinacu.be/whatisrls 📢 Become a member: https://guyinacu.be/membership Sources Why Is Power BI Running My SQL Query Twice? (@cwebb_bi) [...]

What is Row-Level Security (RLS) in Power BI???

Not sure what Row-Level Security (RLS) is in Power BI? Patrick gives you a quick look at what it's about and how to use it. Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/admin/service-admin-rls 🎓 Continue your journey with our Row-Level Security [...]

Understanding the basics of Power BI Premium

What is Power BI Premium? Let's look at how you can use it within Power BI. From benefits to how to acquire, this should get you up to speed. Ideas Item Paginated reports in Pro [...]