Power BI Tutorial: How to Sign up

Do you want to get started using Power BI? After getting Power BI Desktop, you will want to sign up for the Power BI service. In this video, we show you how to do just [...]

Microsoft R, Data Science and Power BI

In this video, we are joined by Buck Woody. Buck is a data scientist at Microsoft. We work together to show how you can easily visualize Microsoft R in Power BI. We use Microsoft R [...]

Case of the Broken Power BI Incremental Refresh

Are you using Power BI incremental refresh? Have you had it not work even though you set everything up? In this video, Patrick looks at a scenario where Power BI incremental refresh was broken. He [...]

How to use the Power BI Aggregations Feature

Working with big data, even massive data can be a real challenge in Business Intelligence platforms. #PowerBI is no exception. The new aggregations feature in Power BI looks to solve that problem.  We sit down [...]

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