DAX! Uggg – Where do you start? | Power BI

Not a coder? Don't understand DAX syntax? DAX can be intimidating and difficult to learn. Frustrating even! Learning DAX can make Power BI very rewarding. Adam has some resources to get you started in your [...]

One Click Calculation Group in Power BI

Calculation Groups in Power BI can be amazing! Patrick shows you how you can create these common patterns with just one click using Tabular Editor. Blog: https://www.esbrina-ba.com/time-intelligence-the-smart-way/ Calculation Groups: https://docs.microsoft.com/analysis-services/tabular-models/calculation-groups?view=asallproducts-allversions Tabular Editor: https://tabulareditor.com

Power BI XMLA Endpoint: Why you should care

The XMLA Endpoint in Power BI can be very powerful. Adam looks at what it is and how to get started with it. If you are using Power BI Premium or Premium Per User, you [...]

When is a date not a date in Power BI?

When is a date not a date? We all use them in our data. Patrick looks at how data types can be a tricky thing in Power BI. Be aware of what you are working [...]

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