Debug DAX using Variables in Power BI

In this video, Marco Russo, from SQL BI, joins Patrick to look at how you can debug DAX using variables in Power BI. Marco helps to break down a DAX measure and show how you can see the results as you build it up to find where the problem is. SQL BI DAX Formatter DAX [...]

Power BI, Excel, USAFacts and more… (April 19, 2018)

Compound Growth using DAX (@ExceleratorBI) Power BI and Excel; More than just an Integration (@Rad_Reza) Drill Down & Up in Power BI Mobile apps Join the Power BI team at Microsoft Build USAFacts breaks down government financial data with Power BI BONUS ITEMS: DAX Best Practices (@marcorus) DAX Optimization Examples (@marcorus) Reordering Multiple Columns With [...]

Use a KPI in a table within Power BI

In this video, Adam shows you how you can import KPIs from Excel into Power BI. Once in Power BI, you can use the KPI in a table or matrix. Documentation: Import and display KPIs in Power BI

Power BI Desktop and Mobile updates, embedding and some Power Query

Web.Contents(), Caching And The ExcludedFromCacheKey Option In Power BI And Power Query (@technitrain) Extract Tabular Data From Power BI Service to Excel (@ExceleratorBI) Power BI Desktop January Feature Summary Embedding a Power BI report into Salesforce Power BI mobile phone reports now available everywhere BONUS: Power BI Desktop – 2016 Year in Review Using Power [...]

Dashboards, M, NFL and more… – Roundup #58

In this roundup, we had some updates for Power BI Desktop and the Publisher for Excel. Also Avi Singh talks about how to personalize your dashboard. Chris Webb talks about how to avoid a potential refresh issue. Dustin Ryan gets us ready for the start of NFL and Fantasy Football! How to Personalize Power BI [...]

Excel, Mobile and geocoding – Roundup #54

In today's roundup I have a post about using Excel to work with Power BI data, creating phone layouts for dashboards, some geocoding, and something a little fun. ANALYSE POWER BI DATA IN EXCEL (@sobnz) Geocoding using R and Google Maps in Power BI (@AnkitPatira) Optimize your phone experience with a new customizable dashboard New [...]

PASS BA recap, predictions and R – Roundup #46

Donate: Red Nose Day: Paul Turley gives a recap of the PASS BA conference from his perspective mentioning Power BI and Excel. Jen Underwood talks about moving to Predictive Analytics. We have some tips for Dashboard makeovers. Ginger Grant talks about using R within SQL Server 2016. Power BI and Excel–the Dynamic Duo [...]

Data Insight Summit recap and RS RC1 – Roundup #39

This last week was really full with announcements at the Microsoft Data Insight Summit, along with the release of SQL Server 2016 RC1 last Friday. This included updates to Reporting Services. Over 5 million subscribers are embracing Power BI for modern business intelligence Microsoft Data Insights Summit Livestream: day one Microsoft Data Insights Summit Livestream: [...]

Roundup #28 (Content Pack, Power BI Desktop update, a book and more…)

Analyze your Office365Mon data in Power BI Power BI Weekly Service Update More Power BI Feature Updates: Power BI Desktop December Update and new Power BI service features Power BI Desktop, Sort By Column And DAX Calculations That Use The All() Function (@technitrain) The One and Only Power BI Book (@tlachev) Why Can’t I Pin [...]