DAX, Maps and Power BI Features

The DAX Unichar() Function And How To Use It In Measures For Data Visualisation (@technitrain) ArcGIS Map in Power BI; Simple, But Insightful (@Rad_Reza) Create Column From Examples (@kpuls) Power BI Quick Measures is a Game Changer (@Paul_Turley) Get ready for the new Power BI navigation experience BONUS ITEMS: New Reports From Existing Datasets (@ExceleratorBI) [...]

DAX, Power BI in SSRS and more…

DAX Time Intelligence for Beginners (@ExceleratorBI) Defining the Components of a Modern Data Warehouse (@sqlchick) Publish Power BI Reports to SSRS On-premise Preview Now Available (@Paul_Turley) Help Improve DirectQuery! Introducing email subscriptions in Power BI: stay informed when it matters BONUS: Compare equivalent periods in DAX (@marcorus) Seven Steps for Using Data and Power BI [...]

Query Folding, DAX and a special day – Roundup #55

Chris Webb looks at how to use Value.ResourceExpression() to see how Query Folding is working. Marco Russo looks at how to leverage INTERSECT. We look at a post geared towards consultants and how they can leverage Shared Dashboards in their work. Also, there was a special day last sunday and we recap that. Value.ResourceExpression() And [...]

Roundup #30 (Service update, DAX in Report Builder, export and more)

Catching up on the last two week. We had a big post regarding updates to the Power BI service. This included exporting data from a tile or report, adding images and textboxes, printing, connecting to SharePoint, pinning Excel charts, Power BI in Brazil and Hebrew/Arabic LTR support. I also look at some great posts from [...]