Where are the Power BI Gateway logs? I thought I knew…

Do you know where the Power BI Gateway log files are? I didn't! I'll show you a tool I use to help figure something like this out. And also tell you where they are! Process Monitor https://learn.microsoft.com/sysinternals/downloads/procmon Rui Romano's Gateway Monitor Report https://github.com/RuiRomano/pbigtwmonitor

Where are the Power BI Gateway logs? I thought I knew…2023-04-06T06:09:28-05:00

Why can’t Power BI connect to my cloud source???

You have a cloud data source like Azure SQL Database. Why can't Power BI connect to it? They are both in the cloud! Adam shows you some things to consider and options you have! What is an on-premises data gateway? https://docs.microsoft.com/data-integration/gateway/service-gateway-onprem What is a virtual network (VNet) data gateway? https://docs.microsoft.com/data-integration/vnet/overview

Why can’t Power BI connect to my cloud source???2022-06-23T10:01:07-05:00

A new way to manage gateways in Power BI!!!

We now have a new way to manage gateways within Power BI and it is a much-welcomed update! Adam walks you through the experience to get you ready for it! New data source and gateway management experience https://powerbi.microsoft.com/blog/new-data-source-and-gateway-management-experience/

A new way to manage gateways in Power BI!!!2022-08-19T07:01:32-05:00

Personal Gateway governance in Power BI

Gateway sprawl in Power BI can be a problem for organizations looking to govern what data can be refreshed. Learn how you can govern the Personal Gateway to keep it under control. Set-DataGatewayTenantPolicy PowerShell Reference https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/module/datagateway/set-datagatewaytenantpolicy?view=datagateway-ps Get-DataGatewayTenantPolicy PowerShell Reference https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/module/datagateway/get-datagatewaytenantpolicy?view=datagateway-ps Set-DataGatewayInstaller PowerShell Reference https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/module/datagateway/set-datagatewayinstaller?view=datagateway-ps Get-DataGatewayInstaller PowerShell Reference https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/module/datagateway/get-datagatewayinstaller?view=datagateway-ps Azure AD to Microsoft Graph migration https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/azure/azps-msgraph-migration-changes?view=azps-6.6.0

Personal Gateway governance in Power BI2021-11-25T07:25:43-05:00

Refresh your data in Power BI WITHOUT a user???

Can a Power BI Dataset be setup to refresh without an actual user? It would be great from an automation perspective and to avoid being tied to someone specific. Adam digs in. Service Principal Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SO19uik1rw Add-DataGatewayClusterUser (DataGateway CMDLET - Add to Admin List) https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/module/datagateway/add-datagatewayclusteruser?view=datagateway-ps Add-DataGatewayClusterDatasourceUser (DataGateway CMDLET - Add to Datasource User list) https://docs.microsoft.com/powershell/module/datagateway/add-datagatewayclusterdatasourceuser?view=datagateway-ps [...]

Refresh your data in Power BI WITHOUT a user???2021-08-12T06:23:36-05:00

Last roundup of 2020 with some great Power BI updates! (Roundup | Dec 14, 2020)

Thanks for watching this week's Power BI news roundup! Patrick's tech video: https://guyinacu.be/handledeletessample Adam's tech video: https://guyinacu.be/premiumgen2 🔴Live Replay: https://guyinacu.be/live035 📢 Become a member: https://guyinacu.be/membership Sources Why Excel Needs Power BI to Solve Your Data Analysis Issues (@CSGPro) New Microsoft data governance product: Azure Purview (@JamesSerra) Tabular Editor 3 with Daniel Otykier [...]

Last roundup of 2020 with some great Power BI updates! (Roundup | Dec 14, 2020)2020-12-14T11:04:00-05:00

Using Single Sign-on with the Power BI Gateway

Let's dig into the Power BI gateway and Single Sign-On (SSO) using Kerberos! This can be used for both DirectQuery and refreshing a Power BI dataset. Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/service-gateway-sso-overview Download Cube Sheet  

Using Single Sign-on with the Power BI Gateway2020-03-26T08:31:23-05:00

What the HECK is a Power BI Gateway Cluster?

Confused about what a Power BI Gateway cluster is? Have your On-Premises Data Gateway installed but it's overloaded? This video is for you! Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/data-integration/gateway/service-gateway-high-availability-clusters PowerShell: https://docs.microsoft.com/data-integration/gateway/service-gateway-powershell-support Download Cube Sheet

What the HECK is a Power BI Gateway Cluster?2020-03-19T07:48:35-05:00

🔴 Let’s Talk Power BI Gateways

Join us live as we talk about Power BI gateways! The what and why regarding them and some things to consider when using a gateway.

🔴 Let’s Talk Power BI Gateways2022-08-21T14:54:28-05:00

Get started with the Power BI Gateway

Get to know what the Power BI Gateway is along with how to get it setup for scheduled refresh of imported data. Gateway Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/service-gateway-onprem Gateway sizing: https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/guidance/gateway-onprem-sizing Download Free Cube Sheet

Get started with the Power BI Gateway2020-03-05T09:19:17-05:00
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