Are you wanting to try Power BI, but not sure where to start? This is for you! I look at some ways you can get up and running with Power BI quickly. This is for an individual, or for your organization within Office 365.

Try Power BI for free by signing up at

You can sign up for Power BI for free by going to and selecting Get started free. Be sure to select this and NOT Sign in! Sign in and Sign up are two different things. If you try to sign in without actually creating an account, you may get an error saying the account isn’t recognized.

You need to have a work email address to sign up.

60 Day Power BI Pro Trial

You can try Power BI Pro for 60 days from within the service. The easiest way to get this is to interact with a Pro feature. For example, you can go to Get Data > Databases > Analysis Services > Connect. This will prompt you to try Power BI Pro for 60 days and allow you to use all of the Pro features.

This is tracked within Power BI itself for an individual and will not show as a license within Office 365. This is not something you can give in bulk to users of an organization.

Power BI Pro Trial Subscription for Office 365

You can give Power BI Pro for a spin within your organization and on the Office 365 side. This can be done through the Office 365 Admin Center. You need to be a tenant admin to do this. Go to Billing > Add Subscriptions > Other Plans > Power BI Pro. Hover over the ellipse (…) and select Start free trial.

This will add a license block of 25 licenses. You can then assign those licenses to users within your organization. These can be assigned in bulk or by scripting in PowerShell.