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Wednesday/Thursday – Power BI Technology and More

Every Wednesday & Thursday, we look at a tech topic. This could be a new feature, how something works or how to troubleshoot something within Power BI technology, Reporting Services and Analysis Services.

This may also include the occasional topic relating to the Microsoft Data Platform as a whole, such as SQL Server or an Azure technology. Because of Power BI, there will also be content related to Office 365 and Azure Active Directory.

CRUSHING requirements with Small Multiples in Power BI

Check out how using Small Multiples in Power BI can help you CRUSH requirements and satisfy business requests to make amazing reports! Patrick also has a neat trick for you. Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/visuals/power-bi-visualization-small-multiples

Can you refresh a single table in Power BI?

Frustrated that a you can only do a full refresh? Patrick takes it to the next level by showing how you can refresh only a single table in your Power BI dataset. This is a [...]

Refresh your data in Power BI WITHOUT a user???

Can a Power BI Dataset be setup to refresh without an actual user? It would be great from an automation perspective and to avoid being tied to someone specific. Adam digs in. Service Principal Video: [...]

Exploring the Visio visual in Power BI

Want to explore locations with data? The Visio visual in Power BI helps you do just that! Patrick looks at how to set it up and help use your data to highlight areas within a [...]

Fix my Calculation Group in Power BI

You've spent time creating Calculation Groups in Power BI only to find that they don't work. What's up with that? Patrick may be your only hope. Calculation Groups Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/analysis-services/tabular-models/calculation-groups

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