API’s, Prototyping, Size increase – Roundup #45

Steve Howards looks at working with OData and OAuth with Power BI. Bill Anton looks at prototyping and comparing Power BI Desktop to Power Pivot/Excel. We also had a few updates from the Power BI team regarding Q&A working with direct connections via the enterprise gateway, Query Parameters and Templating with Power BI Desktop and [...]

Contest Winners, R Maps, Data Modeling – Roundup #35

Adam Saxton is a Microsoft employee working on Business Intelligence products. The Power BI report contest winners were announced! Get a quick start with R Map visualizations. A look at how to get started with SQL 2016. And, some data modeling tips. Meet the Winners of the Best Report Contest R Maps in Microsoft Power [...]

Roundup #31 (Content Pack, Data viz and more)

I start this week with a new content pack for Azure Search. A big update for the Power BI Mobile apps. Ability to pin custom visualizations to your Power BI Dashboard. A great post about Data Visualizations from Buck Woody. An awesome tidbit from Teo Lachev regarding the ACE Driver and bitness. And a second [...]