Paginated vs. Mobile reports in Reporting Services

I look at the difference between paginated and mobile reports within Reporting Services 2016. Mobile reports are new with SQL Server Reporting Services 2016 and you may be confused as to what they are as compared to paginated reports. Paginated Reports Paginated reports are operational reports that allow for a more traditional report experience. Mobile [...]

SQL Server and Power BI Updates – Roundup #47

SQL Server has GA'd!!! We also had a lot of updates for Power BI! Creating Current Day, Week, Month And Year Reports In Power BI Using Bidirectional Cross-Filtering And M (@technitrain) Power BI Desktop May Update Feature Summary Smarter Auto-Generated Insights with Complex Filters Power BI gateways – May Update SQL Server 2016 is generally [...]

3 ways Reporting Services and Power BI work together

With the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2016, I look at how Reporting Services and Power BI work together. From the Power BI mobile app, to pinning visualizations to a dashboard and how Reporting Services handles Power BI Desktop files.

PASS BA recap, predictions and R – Roundup #46

Donate: Red Nose Day: Paul Turley gives a recap of the PASS BA conference from his perspective mentioning Power BI and Excel. Jen Underwood talks about moving to Predictive Analytics. We have some tips for Dashboard makeovers. Ginger Grant talks about using R within SQL Server 2016. Power BI and Excel–the Dynamic Duo [...]

ExpressRoute, Trust Center, Mobile – Roundup #43

Melissa Coates shows you how to get a demo environment up and running with Azure Data Catalog. Sam Lester shows how you what Reporting Services 2016 can do with Power BI Desktop files. Power BI has been added to the Microsoft Trust Center. And a recap of the updates for the Power BI Service and [...]

Power Query, KPIs and thumbnails – Roundup #42

A post on how to use Power Query to audit file changes. A look at KPIs within Power BI. Keeping up to date with Azure Active Directory Connect. And a post about how to use custom thumbnails for mobile reports in Reporting Services 2016. Power Query as a File Audit Tool (@ExceleratorBI) KPIs and Power [...]

Relationships, Timing and something free – Roundup #41

In this roundup, Reza Rad talks about relationships with multiple columns, Chris Webb talks about timing execution of M queries, we have some updates for the Power BI service, a look at Power BI embedded within your custom applications and something free for you! Relationship in Power BI with Multiple Columns (@Rad_Reza) Timing M Query [...]

Data Insight Summit recap and RS RC1 – Roundup #39

This last week was really full with announcements at the Microsoft Data Insight Summit, along with the release of SQL Server 2016 RC1 last Friday. This included updates to Reporting Services. Over 5 million subscribers are embracing Power BI for modern business intelligence Microsoft Data Insights Summit Livestream: day one Microsoft Data Insights Summit Livestream: [...]

Brand your Report Server

I break down how to make a branding package for SQL Server Reporting Services 2016. I compare it from the original skin, to the multicolor brand package that Chris Finlan put together, to my custom brand package for Guy in a Cube. Branding the web portal (MSDN) Chris Finlan's Blog Post Color Hex codes  

Power BI Service Update, Offline, SharePoint 2016 – Roundup #38

In this roundup, I highlight the Power BI Service Updates, mobile updates including offline capabilities, a documentation survey for Microsoft SQL Server 2016, the fact that SharePoint 2016 just went RTM and a creative way to make reports in Power BI. Power BI Service March Update New offline capabilities for Power BI Mobile apps SQL [...]