Sandboxing, penguins and gateways – Roundup #37

There is a sandboxing update for custom visuals within Power BI. RC0 landed for SQL Server 2016. I mention the updates for Reporting Services and Analysis Services. Also, Microsoft announced that Linux will be supported for SQL 2016 Database Engine. I highlight a community blog post looking at creating a report. And lastly a look [...]

Sandboxing, penguins and gateways – Roundup #372017-03-16T09:01:22-05:00

Contest Winners, R Maps, Data Modeling – Roundup #35

Adam Saxton is a Microsoft employee working on Business Intelligence products. The Power BI report contest winners were announced! Get a quick start with R Map visualizations. A look at how to get started with SQL 2016. And, some data modeling tips. Meet the Winners of the Best Report Contest R Maps in Microsoft Power [...]

Contest Winners, R Maps, Data Modeling – Roundup #352017-03-16T09:01:22-05:00

3 things to get up and running with KPIs in Reporting Services 2016 (CTP 3.3)

I look at three things you need to do to create and use KPI's in SQL Server Reporting Services 2016. This looks specifically at CTP 3.3. I go through creating a shared dataset, creating the KPI and then setting up refresh for the KPI/Dataset. Working with KPIs in Reporting Services  

3 things to get up and running with KPIs in Reporting Services 2016 (CTP 3.3)2016-06-07T16:29:04-05:00

Roundup #34 (Compression, RLS and updates)

We start with a new content pack for Power BI for Insightly CRM. We got a new preview of the Mobile Report Publisher for Reporting Services. Matt Allington talks about a compression tip for Power Pivot. Patrick LeBlanc talks about Row-Level Security with SQL Server 2016 and how to take advantage of that from Reporting [...]

Roundup #34 (Compression, RLS and updates)2017-03-16T09:01:22-05:00

Roundup #33 (Gateway, Desktop, Box and more…)

This week the enterprise gateway for Power BI has GA'd. So, that means it is time to move off of the Analysis Services Connector. There were a lot of new updates for Power BI Desktop, including the ability to add measures to a DirectQuery model. Chris Webb looks at how to query DMVs for Power [...]

Roundup #33 (Gateway, Desktop, Box and more…)2017-03-16T09:01:22-05:00

Roundup #29 (RS, AS, gateways and more…)

This last two weeks, because of Christmas break, had a lot of items which included the CTP 3.2 release of Microsoft SQL Server, along with updates for the Power BI Gateway for enterprises. Also, a little fun with some Star Wars data in Power BI. Introducing mobile reports and a brand-new web portal How to [...]

Roundup #29 (RS, AS, gateways and more…)2017-03-16T09:01:23-05:00