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Wednesday/Thursday – Power BI

Every Wednesday & Thursday, we look at Power BI and related technology. This could be a new feature, how something works or how to troubleshoot something within Power BI, Reporting Services and Analysis Services.

Exploring Dynamic Subscriptions for Power BI reports

First, we had dynamic subscriptions for Power BI Paginated reports. Now they are available for Power BI reports! Patrick walks you through how to take advantage of them! Dynamic per recipient subscriptions for reports (Preview) [...]

Include in Refresh can trip you up within Power Query

You disabled Include In Refresh in Power Query, but it's still being used? And you still need to provide credentials for your Power BI Semantic Mode? What?!? Adam breaks down what's going on. Managing query [...]

Getting started with Visual Calcs in Power BI

It's been a long time coming but Visual Calculations within Power BI are here!!! Jay joins us to get us started on using Visual Calcs within our reports. Share your thoughts on visual calculations (preview) [...]

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