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Wednesday/Thursday – Power BI

Every Wednesday & Thursday, we look at Power BI and related technology. This could be a new feature, how something works or how to troubleshoot something within Power BI, Reporting Services and Analysis Services.

Power BI has Copilot already? For DAX it does!

We saw the video for Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. Copilot for Power BI is coming! But is it here already? Patrick shows one Copilot experience that's already in Power BI Desktop! Quick measure suggestions https://learn.microsoft.com/power-bi/transform-model/quick-measure-suggestions

Get your measures organized in Power BI

As you make more measures in your Power BI Dataset, it can get hard to find the one you need. Sure you can use search... But you can also organize your measures to make it [...]

Using Figma to wireframe your Power BI reports

You care about how your Power BI reports look. Sekou joins us to explore using Figma to wireframe your report design and get that look you want before doing all the hard work in Power [...]

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