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Weekly Roundups – Power BI News and More

Every Thursday, I collect Power BI news, and news about other technologies, and share that out with you.

This includes items from Microsoft as well as the Business Intelligence community.

Power BI Desktop updates, Certificate prep, DAX and more…

Power BI Quiz (Test Prep for Certification) (@rsaprano) The definitive guide to ALLSELECTED (@FerrariAlberto) Share reports with your teams and partners Connect to tens of thousands of datasets on with the new connector for [...]

Icon map, Report Layouts and Power BI Developer update

Introducing Layouts (@powerbitips) Power BI - Icon Map custom visual - Analysing and animating flight data (@jamesdales) Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Power BI (@GregDeckler) Balanced Scorecards in Power BI Power BI Developer community [...]

Power Query and a new Power BI Desktop update

Power Query – Consecutive Days (@PowerPivotPro) The Each Keyword in Power Query (@kpuls) Remove repeating characters from a string in Power BI and Power Query (@TheBIccountant) "In the Previous" Date Filters In Power BI/Get&Transform/Power Query [...]

Fonts, Images, Power BI Contests and more…

Font Families in Power BI (@dataveld) Dynamic Attributes In A Power BI Report (@PowerPivotPro) Embedding Images in Power BI using Base64 (@SQLJason) Year in Review Contest: Jan. 3-Jan. 31 Happy New Year from Power BI [...]

Pie charts, DirectQuery and Power BI updates

Please, no pie in the cube! (@nimrodon) To DirectQuery or Not to DirectQuery, that is the question.. (@kjonge) Power BI Desktop December Feature Summary Power BI service October and November feature summary Announcing Power BI [...]

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