M Intellisense, Bookmarks and more

The Man, The Myth, The On-Prem Server Guy… (@PowerPivotPro) M QUERY EXTENSION FOR VISUAL STUDIO CODE (@BrettPowell76) Walk Through Of Many Ranking Techniques using DAX in Power BI (@Enterprise_DNA) Power BI Desktop October Feature Summary Power BI Service and Mobile September Feature Summary BONUS ITEMS: Offline model editor experience for Power BI (@marcorus) Data types [...]

Dashboards, M, NFL and more… – Roundup #58

In this roundup, we had some updates for Power BI Desktop and the Publisher for Excel. Also Avi Singh talks about how to personalize your dashboard. Chris Webb talks about how to avoid a potential refresh issue. Dustin Ryan gets us ready for the start of NFL and Fantasy Football! How to Personalize Power BI [...]

Query Folding, DAX and a special day – Roundup #55

Chris Webb looks at how to use Value.ResourceExpression() to see how Query Folding is working. Marco Russo looks at how to leverage INTERSECT. We look at a post geared towards consultants and how they can leverage Shared Dashboards in their work. Also, there was a special day last sunday and we recap that. Value.ResourceExpression() And [...]

SQL Server and Power BI Updates – Roundup #47

SQL Server has GA'd!!! We also had a lot of updates for Power BI! Creating Current Day, Week, Month And Year Reports In Power BI Using Bidirectional Cross-Filtering And M (@technitrain) Power BI Desktop May Update Feature Summary Smarter Auto-Generated Insights with Complex Filters Power BI gateways – May Update SQL Server 2016 is generally [...]

Relationships, Timing and something free – Roundup #41

In this roundup, Reza Rad talks about relationships with multiple columns, Chris Webb talks about timing execution of M queries, we have some updates for the Power BI service, a look at Power BI embedded within your custom applications and something free for you! Relationship in Power BI with Multiple Columns (@Rad_Reza) Timing M Query [...]