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Questions answered on stream

Q: In a Composite Model, can DAX Studio clear the cache from the source or only the localhost? (14:44)

Q: I have 3 tables in my model. Sales, Dates and TimeSelector. I have This Year Sales and Last Year Sales ( used Dateadd with -364 ) as Measures. TimeSelector to Dates is one to many with bi-direction. When I use Time Selector my LY values don’t appear anymore. How can I fix this? (16:24)

Q: There are rumors about object-level-security coming to PBI Pro very soon. True? (19:10)

Q: what is the best way to make Week No. in calendar table in Europe. If you do it in Power Query with Date.WeekOfYear then it’s week 2 right now. But in Europe we say it’s week 1. (20:49)

Q: I have a facts table and calendar t – which date field should I use in a slicer? when I use the one from calendar it shows all available dates and in facts table I just have monthly observations (22:33)

Q: please share some useful links related to power apps for learning purpose (24:20)

Q: What is the best practice to deal with circular relationships (loops) in Power BI? (25:19)

Q: Any idea when would Power platform release note 2021-22 would release..? (28:08)

Q: What are the exciting BIG features that you guys are looking forward in 2021? (29:04)

Q: Creating a new measure on my model (compressed size 50mb) takes some time to load. Short of ‘it depends’, what are the biggest bottlenecks? (#measures, #tables, relationships/schema etc etc?) (30:29)

Q: To calculate turnover, I expanded the dates between dates in ‘start’ and ‘termination’ columns. This works, but since it creates millions of extra rows it feels inefficient. Optimization ideas? (36:13)

Q: Adding new column in ‘DQ over AS’ seems like a DAX operation by using DEFINE COLUMN. So, technically shouldn’t this functionality be allowed directly in live connection as well? (38:46)

Q: Do you guys have a follow up on our comments about the future direction of GIAC? From the last video of last year? (41:11)

Q: What is your favorite feature release of 2021 thus far and why is it dataflows Query Folding visual indicators? (42:19)

Q: I’m looking for an overview of users that used the ‘Opt-In’ experience for PPU. So not those that had the license assigned by an admin, but the ones that did it themselves in the PBI Service. (45:24)

Q: I am trying to change colors of a bar chart for Red/Yellow/Green indicators based on percentage. (47:40)

Q: Would like to use RLS on dataflows but it’s not possible. Users should only see their countries offices. (51:38)

Q: Why do you trace models with Profiler and not with Extended events? (55:33)
Q: A user change a column type from Text to date in desktop composite model, so it converted to a date. Is there any way to fix the change? Going back to text didn’t fix it. (57:19)

Q: I understand Tabular Editor is going to paid subscription in 2021 in latest version. Will prior free version continue to work? (Some workplaces need to approve such spending; also do we know cost?) (59:03)
Q: what was your favorite gift (given or received) from the recent holiday season? (1:00:17)

Q: When I publish a pbix file sometimes it creates a new data set with the same name as existing data set. why is that? (1:01:54)

Q: any plans in doing more M / Power Query and Data Modeling videos this year? (1:03:00)

Q: I am receiving a couldn’t load the data for this visual error on a card visual The function SUM cannot work with values of a string. Any ideas? (1:08:27)

Q: With Tabular models using modern data source (aka power query) is there a way to kinda schema compare to data source for scenario where different team members working on db dev and model dev. (1:09:39)

Other questions asked

Q: Why Power Query’s user interface doesn’t allow you to set type table? Same for parameter type.

Q: When I connect to a PBI dataset in PBIX. Does that bypass an existing RLS? So I can see all the data in PBIX although I am not allowed? Can anybody do so who has access to the dataset?

Q: How to get measures into a slicer?

Q: Can you talk about the OLS feature that will be released in February?

Q: When turning on Gen 2…download pbix is greyed out. Is this a known issue or something local? fix?

Q: Would RLS works with DirectQuery?

Q: Based on user / condition certain pages to be displayed. user 1 should see report 1 & user should see report 2 based on certain conditions.

Q: In Power Query what are some use cases for using Python instead of using M code?

Q: Is there a translator from M language to SQL?

Q: Please share some useful links related to Power Apps

Q: Is there any improvement in the dashboard mobile view coming soon?

Q: Conversion of UTC time to local time works fine in PBI Desktop. But does not work on PBI service. Any idea why? How to fix it?

Q: What are the best practices when working with data in weekly ISO 8601?

Q: Do you have any recommendations for documenting and maintaining the documentation of Measures & Calc Columns when we have many individual pbix?

Q: I have a measure and a calculation group which shows YOY for CY, LY, and LLY. I wish to create a slicer \ button which if I press changes from YOY to MOM (Month, Month-1, Month-2). Any Ideas?

Q: Any page level security in same report? certain pages to be restricted based on user / condition

Q: What workspace setting (Large Dataset Format) does internally? and how much it can grow the model size in PBI Premium?

Q: My data model has YYMonth & YY-WK periods no date column can you help how to i.) Create a forecast value for future periods ii) how do i show current week and Month Highlighted when user drilldown?

Q: Does PBI support working with date format YYYYWW with weeks in ISO8601 format? Any tips?

Q: how can we Connect Power BI dataset from SQL Server?

Q: Is Sort by Columns in composite model still broken?

Q: Which open-source programming language do you guys prefer…. Python or R?

Q: any thoughts/update on timing for deployment pipelines extending to support dataflows?

Q: have you ever created a 2nd slicer displaying values not selected in 1st slicer?