Just starting with Power BI? Maybe you’ve been using Power BI for a while and have hit a wall. We wanted to call out some items that help with a lot of conversations we have over and over again. Take your skills to the next level!

Star Schema Guidance: https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/guidance/star-schema

Star Schema A Complete Reference: https://amzn.to/35imkha

Data reduction guidance: https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/guidance/import-modeling-data-reduction

DirectQuery model guidance: https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/guidance/directquery-model-guidance

DAX: Use variables to improve your calculations: https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/guidance/dax-variables

Definitive Guide to DAX: https://amzn.to/3kgMyFf

Mastering DAX training from SQL BI: https://guyinacu.be/sqlbidaxtraining