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Questions answered on stream

Q: Is there a way to connect Power BI to ESRI arcgis data? (14:35)

Q: Is there way to do conditionally formatting of line charts in Power BI? (16:30)

Q: Hi Adam have you had a look at VOSVIEWER? (21:37)

Q: Do the filters in CALCULATE get applied in the order they are written? Therefore, making it important to plan when writing? (23:33)

Q: What certification, Microsoft or other, are recommended for marketing one’s Power BI skills? (25:31)

Q: Is it possible to use a KPI component like Status, Trend, or Goal within a measure as its own measure? (27:32)

Q: Can we enjoy Power BI Report Server on Microsoft Teams? (29:14)

Q: When will we be able to export from a matrix in the format on the screen? (31:03)

Q: Analysis Services vs Power BI Models – what is your advice for companies that do not have a semantic layer yet? (32:54)

Q: We’re trying to implement Power BI as the standard BI tool in a pretty large company (Excel doesn’t cut it anymore). What do you think is a healthy PBI developer/consumer ratio to achieve this? (37:17)

Q: What are some best practices or guidelines to follow when working as a team to build pbix files and using source control (GIT)? (39:36)

Q: What’s the best way to add more than one user to a Workspace at the same time? (43:15)

Q: Connection to SAP BW -> What is your approach -> Connect to ODATA feed or DirectQuery the cube or “remodel a star schema with power query in import mode from a cube or something else? (45:03)

Q: Why am I able to interact the Power BI visuals with Power Apps only when I start the App through Power BI and not when I start with an existing Power Apps and embed it in Power BI? (48:45)

Q: What feature do you wish new Power BI users would use more of? (50:28)

Q: How do I connect/authenticate to a Power BI Premium dataset to leverage the Invoke-ASCmd in PowerShell? Seems like a maze of modules (SqlServer, AzAs, etc.) (53:17)

Q: We have a single data source with multiple users and want to use Single Sign-On. How do we control what users can access which tables or views? (54:45)

Q: What feature do you wish @Chris Wagner wished new PBI users would use more of? (1:02:00)

Q: Smart narrative is now available by default for Text Boxes in PBI . and I think the execution time for Text boxes are around 2000 Msecs. impacting the performance on prebuild reports. did you guys face it? Any workaround? (1:02:23)

Q: Can you do custom data labels on a chart without some complicated custom visual? (1:04:37)

Q: Is it possible to invoke value encoding vs hash? Looking to optimize dictionary, best place to start? (1:05:55)

Other questions

Q: Shadowlands in Dec or 2021?

Q: How do I connect/authenticate to Power BI Premium datasets to execute the Invoke-ASCmd using PowerShell? Feels like a maze of modules.

Q: Why set a limit for data refreshes in the service? What If a lot of datasets get refreshed every 10 minutes you will see a performance bottleneck.

Q: Do dynamic RLS roles still require us to add users to the role in the Power BI service? Imagine I want to capture all users without having to add them in the service individually. Best option?

Q: Is it better or preferred to wrap a SUMX inside a CALCULATE, to filter, or filter the SUMX?

Q: I have high cardinality surrogate column on 300 million rowsets, understand it bloats the dataset size but we use that column in aggregation. how can I reduce the size without losing surrogate key?

Q: it could be possible to have in PBI a “visualization” or add-in such as Apps, with an Excel spreadsheet or a Pivot Table?

Q: Can Magic quadrant analysis be done in Power BI?

Q: in the same style when you insert an Excel chart on Power Point. even you are in Power Point it is an excel chart, spreadsheet, etc.

Q: can a chart label show multiple value formats (T, B, M or K)? I can do this in a table with switch true and format but this does not work when you add the measure to a chart

Q: I am trying to sort a visual by fiscal period. However, when the periods span across multiple years it does not sort correctly. Is there anything I can do to make them sort correctly? i.e. 11,12,1

Q: Any example to filter 12 months from a date selected from a Slicer Filter?

Q: When we are expecting ODBC as source in Power BI report builder for making Paginated reports?

Q: Can calculate cumulative sum of 3 year?

Q: Is it possible to parameterize fields so that they change their name dynamically?

Q: What’s the problem with exporting reports as PPT. It’s kind of maxing out on me. Even on Power Automate.

Q: Is there any easy way to “calculate“ the distance between locations? This would be a great advantage. Curbal did this but it required a google api key. I would like a standard function for this…

Q: When is the Power BI team going to get the Excel team to speak DAX instead of MDX?

Q: Favorite use case for calculation groups after time intelligence?

Q: is there a way to get the calendar week number that starts with the first Thursday in M?

Q: Any productivity tips for new report creation?

Q: How do you add more than 1 user to a security group at the same time?

Q: Mind if we mention Oregon SQL Saturday live Q&A on Oct 24?

Q: Is there a way to take the results from the measures to another power bi. Example I want to create a new report with the combination of power bi reports

Q: I’m moving from power query to dataflows, I have 40 entities they all take like 30 sec each, so 20 min to finish refresh, if I run them on desktop it takes 8 min. why is it slower?

Q: What’s your opinion on creating/editing reports directly on Power BI service?

Q: one model to may reports, now I want freeze one report. Can I?

Q: Is there a way to add fields into tooltips for table/matrix visual and keep the tooltip show only when hovered on a particular column in the visual?