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Questions on Stream

Q: My work computer is using the July 2020. Is there a way to download this version on my PC so I don’t have compatibility issues? (15:32)

Q: can we use parameters similar to slicers in upcoming releases? (19:34)

Q: how many swords will be featured on today’s episode? (21:27)

Q: Can we read output from R Visual, not from Transformations? (23:20)

Q: I show last 3 quarter dynamically in slicer. how to make most recent quarter default selected when quarter changes? (26:41)

Q: If a company is setting up a COE with VERY limited resources what would you suggest they focus on first? (28:51)

Q: I have a dataset where the source is a dataflow with enhanced compute engine enabled. How do I know if the dataset is using the enhanced compute engine or the ADLS gen2 storage for refresh? (32:06)

Q: How can you setup dataflows so multiple people can edit entities? (33:16)

Q: What’s the most exciting feature coming to Power BI Dataflows (that you can share) and why? (38:50)

Q: What’s your thoughts on AWS environment connectivity with Power BI? There isn’t much information online. I am looking to analyze and visualize the performance and usage aspects of an AWS environment. (42:28)

Q: Power BI Admins are presented with a setting to elect whether Dataflows use dedicated storage. What factors do you consider most important here to make this choice? (45:27)

Q: In the public roadmap, I get confused which items are hitting the Power BI dataflows experience vs. not. For example, does “power platform dataflows” only mean flow/power apps, or include Power BI? (48:47)

Q: Why do you communicate about data culture through conversation (YouTube) rather than text (Blog)? (53:43)

Q: Is there an easy way to transform a Dataflow into pipeline in Azure Data Factory? (56:24)

Q: What is the best way to replicate the dataflows within a Power BI Report Server? (57:33)

Q: How do you unit test a dataflow? (58:57)

Q: Dataflows being tethered to workspaces (and linking entities, etc.) really complicates reusability. What are your thoughts on a dedicated dev dataflows environment? #RIP Power BI Data Catalog (1:01:14)

Q: Should filters in the drill through well behave the same as if they were in the page filter pane, when no other filters are applied? I am seeing different levels of granularity when I move them. (1:06:50)

Q: Am I wrong regarding data flows that I cannot run queries on the result like I can do in TSQL? Put results in a temp table and check? (1:08:21)

Other Questions

Q: What is your favorite light/ heavy sword and advantages of each?

Q: What is the equivalent of dataflows in the report server? Is it harder to set up?

Q: How can you use slicers to modify column values (not measures) in Power BI/DAX?

Q: My company is really against having published reports connecting to on premise data sources like Oracle/network folders. Our gateway only is setup to connect to only onprem Tabular. How do we fix?

Q: Dataflows difference between pro user and premium

Q: Is there an equivalent to Power BI Premium dataflows with enhanced compute engine in Azure?

Q: What is the #1 setting that Admins should change in order to manage Power BI in a large organization?

Q: We use Oracle DB with PBI; does query folding work with Oracle? I really want to use incremental refresh….is that going to be possible?

Q: In transitioning an organization away from old reporting, what is the best report page size to use to enable printing if they choose to?

Q: I find a tension in our BI team between supporting adhoc business requests and longer-term data warehouse work. What is a good way to support types of work?

Q: Can you explain what really does the setting “Allow data preview to download in the background” under Current File > Data Load > Background Data and if there are side effects on setting it to TRUE

Q: Are there any public datasets on swords / historical weapons? Newbie to Power BI was asking for one.

Q: What is the protocol for traveling with swords? i.e. bus/train/plane/rickshaw/etc.

Q: How do you handle users wanting to create custom columns and measure when you are using AAS to publish models?

Q: Is there a way to use the Dataset from Power BI Desktop as a data source while disallowing data downloads?

Q: If I put a large table in data flows that is then used in a handful of models, would it take up less capacity than just those models connecting directly?

Q: What has been one the most challenging Power BI implementation issues the CAT team has helped any customer with?

Q: Long story short I have build dataflows, if there will be a business need will I be able to use them also a power bi report server?

Q: Our organization is moving from on-prem Oracle Data Warehouse to Synapse Analytics in about a year. Any tips or best practices regarding adoption?

Q: Am I wrong regarding data flows that I cannot run queries on the result like i can do in TSQL? Put results in a temp table and check?

Q: I love watching Power BI used in different ways in our organization. Do you have some tips for rolling out team scorecards to build collaboration and healthy competition?

Q: how do I make my slicers filter other slicers when both of them are linked to multiple fact tables?

Q: Matthew, what is the largest dataflow you’ve seen at a customer?

Q: Hi Matthew, greetings from PerΓΊ. Are there plans to migrate Dax Studio and Tabular Editor to be one tool?

Q: I have a pro license, I want to use data flows but how much data can I put in, I mean the capacity with the pro license.

Q: What is the #1 thing a new Power BI admin should setup in the Admin portal?

Q: Dataflows. How would you justify moving to dataflows from a cost/budget perspective? I got it from the technical perspective but I’m not good using the seller jacket.

Q: What about Databricks integration??? Will that come with Power BI Notebooks????

Q: Dataflows are being added to Deployment Pipelines in March 2021 If you were migrating lots of reports to a more centralized approach splitting models from reports what do you recommend for now?

Q: Career in Power BI. What’s one place you would recommend someone to start? I am “chasing the pain” in my org (Avi Singh’s advice). Basically, offering my help to teams in hopes of creating a role.