Join us live as we answer your questions about Power BI! With special guest, Jason Himmelstein and John White from The BIFocal Show podcast!

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Questions on Stream

Q: Is there a way to configure a button to go to a cross-report? I search in Ideas and didn’t find anything about it. (15:05)

Q: Is there a way to Calculate Sales STLY date same day ie: 8/1/20 vs 8/3/19 in DAX? SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR does not generate the desired outcome. (18:05)

Q: How do I connect my Power BI to twitter account as a data source to get more insights on tweets? (20:20)

Q: How to choose between Custom Column in Power Query Editor or Calculated Column using DAX? (25:50)

Q: power bi dataset vs power bi data flow (31:53)

Q: When would I use A SKUs over P SKUs? (36:09)

Q: Best azure back-end option to support direct query for large data sets? SQL DW, Databricks, AAS? What’s the best architecture? Where I should put the data for best experience on Power BI side? (38:21)

Q: I am trying to load Power BI Desktop onto a VM (for a lab I am building). It does not appear to be the latest version (don’t see the External Tools tab). What am I missing? (45:05)

Q: When will we see more uniformity in query folding capabilities independent of the data source that we are querying? (47:31)

Q: is it true that E5 is no longer required for Featured Tables and new data types in Excel? (49:25)

Q: [Time intelligence]. Turning auto date/time off, isn’t it removing the hierarchy and format from date fields? Or is it just me? (52:00)

Q: CONTROVERSIAL!! Any thoughts on connecting Tableau to power pivot model, to leverage tableau better visualizations. Gasps! (1:01:49)

Q: Can you run interactive R or python graphics in Power BI or must they be static? And can you run R/python viz code that affects a regular PBI chart box, or must the R/pyt chart be separate chart boxes? (1:07:35)

Other Questions Asked

Q: In Premium, how can I turn app permissions into a consumable data asset. What is the answer if a) I am not and b) I am a tenant admin?

Q: Can you make any recommendations on a solid approach for Power BI version control? Is there a way to make the template descriptions visible without having to open each .pbit?

Q: Value encoding in fact surrogate key is resulting in the DAX queries hitting premium query memory limit, when dimension table is big. Hash encoding seems to work fine. Did anyone face this?

Q: Please demonstrate using the ALM Toolkit to merge dataset changes.

Q: How to pass parameter from UI to Sample function in power bi?

Q: Can we integrate Power BI and AX 2012 via API integration?

Q: Is there a way to add the data to β€œadd data” in power Bi desktop using Powerapps ?

Q: when can we expect direct connection to Mongo DB in power BI…currently what is the best way other than DSN configuration as its very slow

Q: I’ve used a custom view for creating a Profit & Loss from ProfitBase with subtotals, nice lay-out and things like YOY and YOY% calculations. Is there any way to do this kind of thing on standard?

Q: is there any way to insert video to power bi?

Q: I’m currently working on an RLS solution where we need to expose totals on secured branches of a ragged hierarchy compared to non-visual totals. Any advice beyond the SQLBI article?

Q: Any way to get Power Automate to accept URL-encoded variables for a flow? I’m thinking I have a DAX-generated URL that a user clicks and it passes parameters out to get inserted in SharePoint list?

Q: If we embed dashboard in SharePoint. is there option from SharePoint to zoom in dashboard and also export in ppt/pdf. as we have in Power BI service.

Q: I’ve tried using incremental refresh in a dataset on Power BI dataflow data sources. As I tried to set IF on more and more, and larger dataflows, the initial refresh in the service fails. Any tips?

Q: When is the power automate integration coming to Power BI? What happened to being able to query datasets (run DAX statements) in Power automate?

Q: Have you used two dates table in a model? It seems it make sense to use it in a hotel model

Q: Is there a way to use button from the report to the dashboard view?

Q: Do you guys use visuals not certified by Power BI, if no why not?

Q: I know Power BI reports are meant to be consumed in an interactive way in a browser or mobile device, but are there any best practices on how to get PBI visuals into flat reports like Word or PPT?

Q: How to hide certain pages from selected users dynamically based on the user when I publish an APP. Can RLS help me in this?

Q: Can we create a table in email using β€œmailto:” from power bi?

Q: can you make a series about custom connectors?

Q: Can you amplify on the difference between data flows and data sets–with a concrete example? I am still struggling with overall concepts.

Q: is it possible to change the data source on cloud, after you have published your Power BI dashboard/report, or you have to change it only on your desktop?

Q: What is the best suite to use when our dataset sits in redshift what we have to use Direct or import connection parameter will help performance.

Q: Is there a way to export data in DAX Studio in a certain order, such as by sorting by a column? When I try to export, it does not usually match the order in Power Query.

Q: In premium, how can I turn app permissions into a consumable data asset. Note: I’m not a tenant admin, if I can avoid going to them all the better!

Q: Are there limitations on using Analyze in Excel / Power Pivot with different types of data sources in Azure eg Analysis services cubes and the Data Lake with Power Bi and how do you get around it?

Q: For Enterprise data model what account should be the dataset owner? Administrator’s AAD or Service Account AAD?

Q: With the upcoming single-click “Analyze with Power BI” feature coming to SharePoint to deploy reports/models, what do you see as the good/bad of SharePoint devs now being invited into Power BI?