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Questions from Stream

Q: I know star schema is better, but if my data model lends itself to a snowflake schema with things off the dimension tables how bad is that? What are best practices for a snowflake model? (16:18)

Q: How to get data in local language for user e.g. i have labels coming from database e.g. lang-id 1, English. lang-id 2, French (19:04)

Q: What’s your favorite tabular modeling tool? (22:58)

Q: Is there a way to combine / nest isinscope and is filtered. I have a use case where I want to display values by hierarchy level 1; but if a user wants to slice on say level 3. (25:26)

Q: Can you explain precedence when there are more than one calculation groups? (27:30)

Q: Where can I find good articles, which talks about how different DAX functions translate into Storage Engine queries, so that I can work on performance tuning. (31:08)

Q: Lost ability to change column/measure format in Desktop after creating calc group – greyed out. By design or something else? (34:42)

Q: When will Power BI Premium free trail be out? (36:20)

Q: What is more important to learn – DAX or Query Editor? And where can I learn it? (37:44)

Q: Marco, who and how do you learn things? (41:01)

Q: How to effectively use calculating groups when you have a lot? (44:02)

Q: Is there a way we can automatically, by PowerShell script, to copy a report from a workspace and change parameters and data source credentials? (51:47)

Q: Is there a tool to get measures dependency tree in a similar way like Power Query Dependency View? (54:42)

Q: What are the three top reasons to use DAX Studio? How early should we include it in Power BI training? (59:45)

Q: I haven’t had time to look through the book yet. are there new patterns for calculation groups? (1:03:44)

Q: If I want to calculate a metric for latest 6 hour, 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days, is it better to create measures for each or to use a disconnected table? (1:04:31)

Q: Best practice for DAX Patterns and Tabular Editor (1:06:59)

Q: Is one data model in tabular for everything across business (hr, finance, ohs, plus specific business) ok, not ok, it depends? (1:09:53)

Q: Quick Measures in PBI Desktop was a great idea that hasn’t seen any new patterns since release. Where do you see the fusion of DAX Patterns and native Quick Measures? Since you’re in the future. (1:12:10)

Other Questions

Q: Looking for tips on using multiple calc groups at the same time with different values next to each other in a grid. Example Sales, YTD Sales, kager sales, costs, YOY cost.

Q: In PBI Desktop we can create a group of fields in a table with a right click on the field and: “New Group”. Can we do something similar in Power Query?

Q: we would like to know if there is a way for us to easily convert an old version of power bi reports files to a later version of power bi?

Q: how do I build security role if user wants to have access for multiple countries I created security table (excel file) I have added multiple rows with user 1 country but not working any hints?

Q: Any way to use a What-If Parameter/Slicer to update a column (not a measure)?

Q: difference between dataflow and power bi dataset?

Q: I need to implement a multi select slicer with only one value selected by default but hide it from user. How can i do this.

Q: is it cheaper to keep data (big data) in power BI or in analysis services?

Q: how can I implement an alert that can let me know if over a certain stock level?

Q: Can there be a Table/Visual using the import, but if a wider time range is selected, it switch to DirectQuery (as import has data size limit)?

Q: What do think of multiple fact table – budget and actual. Anything to be cautious of?

Q: Marco how to draw the line between, what you will do in PQ and for what you will use DAX?

Q: Hierarchy is non additive so one fact table per level

Q: Any source to learn M language you recommend?

Q: Bi-directional. What if I have a hierarchy bridge table with a connection to child dimension. Seems like I need a bi-directional relationship to properly use. Thoughts, Marco?

Q: How to make PBI alerts based on RLS setting? For example, above 5% for North region, 6% for West region. Thanks mate.

Q: How to manage the daylight savings hour changes while changing the time zone of a datetime field, preferably using M query.

Q: Marco, how do you optimize performance for direct query models?

Q: How to improve the designing skill

Q: I have a folder with number of .xlsx files which I’m trying to import in Power BI desktop, I’m getting “file contains corrupted data”. how do I find which file is corrupted?

Q: Is normal to an 800 thousand rows in SQL slow to load on Power BI? like Half an hour

Q: Will it ever be possible in Power BI to select, from a slicer for instance, the value of a model parameter similar to what is possible in SSRS? Allowing for procs to be used to return specific data

Q: Do you tend to build models w 1 date table and many inactive relationships or multiple date tables with active relationships

Q: How to compare two table columns with Many to many relationships and retrieve one column of table to another note

Q: My Database consist out of data flows that append files on SharePoint. I do all the ETL in data flows now we implement Azure Gen 2 – how do I copy paste data flows to data factory?

Q: is there any way to trigger recompute, when power bi loads the pbix (power bi desktop). Eg date table have offsets that depend on current day. Is there such a thing as autoexec on load.

Q: Is there a way of restricting access to datasets/reports to users who have access to a workspace? I don’t want users to see the dataset/report as opposed to just the content itself.

Q: When will version 3 drop?

Q: when do you plan to release v3?

Q: Is there a way to print the data model to PDF format with in Power BI? or by other means.

Q: how can I avoid an error in TopN(,1) when the measure is tied and just return 1 of the results efficiently.

Q: I have a fixed decimal column with a massive dictionary how can I change encoding from hash to value? I tried using the hint feature in tabular editor

Q: How can I make the grand totals correct for the measures that I am creating? For example, if I use DISTINCTCOUNT my grant total will not be sum

Q: What’s the best way to perform Keyword Analysis with Power BI? I have a table for `Sentences` mapped to another table for `Keywords` and its quite heavy and slow with measures for ranking keywords

Q: When will paginated reports be available for Pro

Q: Now that you have gotten calculation groups in Power BI – what’s the next battle?

Q: can you make a report toggle between thousands and millions

Q: Are there certain settings in “Options & Settings” that you change from stock when you start a new project?

Q: How to make running total from 1st January last year till today -1 year.

Q: Is there easy way to index your keys within PBI in the model?

Q: From the career perspective what should be the partner application should we learn to use with power Bi or what would be the application we should learn to get the data from.

Q: How can I make the grand totals correct for the measures that I am creating? For example, if I use DISTINCTCOUNT my grant total will not be sum

Q: 180M row fact table w/ 60+ columns of fully additive measures (invoice details). Best approach for adding many more invoice attributes without blowing up model size?

Q: What is the best practice or work around to get time Intelligence when using direct Query and normal time intelligence is disabled.

Q: Can we use two Calc measures one in row and one in column of a matrix?

Q: For a table defined by a DAX expression, is the table calculated and cached during refresh, or is the DAX reevaluated every time it’s called by a visual

Q: can a dashboard published to the service have live connection to On-Prem SSAS model?

Q: Any updates on visual DAX idea?

Q: Is there any other visual modeling tool that can connect to Power BI?

Q: Marco- Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Q: Can we synchronize SharePoint list with on premise SQL database table? I want to use SharePoint list to create power app.