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Q: I have an APP with Report A and Report B, I want user A to only view Report A and user B to view only report B, is it possible?

Q: I want to implement power bi embedded for external customers with very limited no of users. Is it mandatory to have dedicated capacity in prod. Or I can go with the pro license?

Q: What is the best approach for version control? GIT or Sharepoint?

Q: Can I automate my manual process of right clicking a binary of a CSV file in Power Query and choosing Add as a New Query? I want to apply the same Applied Steps I made for a CSV binary onto others

Q: I want to show summarised data and detail data in the same table. And the data should change based on slicer selection. How can I create the summarisation dynamically and show in the same table?

Q: How can we set the default value in the Date filter/Slicer? Say, by default when a user loads the report, it should show data from the current month and then the user is free to change the filter.

Q: I am using Direct Query to pull data from Snowflake Data Warehouse. The performance is not something which is bringing a smile on the face. Any tips?

Q: From performance perspective, is relating tables on DateKey (Integer) column better than the DateTime column?

Q: Date filter, it shows the older dates first then the newer ones, is there a way to do this so that the latest date is shown in the filter pane? Not sure if its possible.

Q: I have a matrix with a month/year field in the columns. Is it possible to sort the values by one of the months? I can do it total, but we want it by the last month visible in the matrix.

Q: I have a Power Pivot model that can benefit my team…can I share model with team the same way a SSAS cube is shared/accessed?

Q: Is there a way to use DAX Studio to see how long it takes a measure to calculate in Power Pivot?

Q: How to break up a row and display as multi row ?

Q: is there any way to capture username who logged in power bi

Q: is Delta refresh available in PBIRS?

Q: Is there a plan to integrate deployment pipelines into Azure Dev ops (and/or make it callable from the REST API) so that this can be automated/scripted?

Q: How can you capture forecast numbers from a line chart in real time to use elsewhere in a report, e.g., display 14-day forecast in a card?

Q: Is there a way to have a primary and secondary axis autoscale to the same number? I suspect a “no”, but I’ll keep checking!

Q: Is there any way to hide a specific value from a slicer and make it always selected?

Q: Is there any significant query performance between using bigint (int64) vs int (int32) when executing queries towards big databases, example Redshift?

Q: Do I need to learn any programming language in order to be a Data Analyst using Power BI exception of SQL?

Q: are you considering taking the newly released exam DA-100

Q: I think it would be more useful to have separate permissions for downloading data and importing datasets, but why not have them together?

Q: While generating tokens for PBI Embedded using PBI JavaScript library, how to secure the Master User Credentials?

Q: Is there a way to hide report pages to the specific users??

Q: how to create similar complex join of Sap BO universe in power BI while migrating the report?

Q: Synapse will replace Analysis Services

Q: Hi guys! Is there a way to click on a visual (certain date in line chart) and by clicking on that visual you switch the report page and keep the chosen filter (date filter from the line chart).

Q: how to display few columns of a row in one row and remaining columns in second row ?

Q: Would you recommend the DA-100 ? what would you recommend as training, besides knowing PBI πŸ˜„

Q: I have a 30 mb report server file and its getting bigger. My Fact table has 5 date field connected multiple times with date table. how do i optimize the file?

Q: Dataflows: What happens during the validation process ? Native queries tend to be noticeably slow or doesn’t save

Q: Can you share a trig method between start location to end location with longitude and latitude as a car will drive rather than as a crow flies?

Q: ideas how to teach users how to best use time intel calc groups? Everyone wants big table with measures side by side – amount, PY, YoY, etc. can’t accomplish without creating a ton of measures

Q: Events table has start and end date columns. What is the best way in Dax to work out a total of employees on a given date? I expand dates between start and end date in M and link to calendar.

Q: I show last 3 quarter as slicer which changes dynamically when quarter changes. . how to show most recent quarter default selected always.

Q: Will Power BI Desktop be coming to MacOS anytime in the future?

Q: where do yall get your power BI merch? i want to look cool too

Q: Wondering if incremental load is possible for (integer) surrogate keys not related to date(time). For example sequentially insert id’s

Q: what is the recommended way to version control .pbix files ?

Q: I notice primary keys in dataflows online. Is this coming to Desktop and are they necessary?

Q: Have you guys covered Cohort Analysis yet?

Q: What tips do you have for multiple teams working on a single model?

Q: is it possible to have conditional markers in a scatter plot! Like a cross for one kind of values and a circle for others ! I see it’s not a feature as of now

Q: what’s your favorite custom visual?

Q: What to do if source excel has a date column in both dd/mm/yy and mm/dd/yy formats?

Q: Is there a way to use DAX Studio to see how long measures take to calculate in PowerPivot? Or do I need to import model in Power BI first?

Q: I have a matrix with a month/year field in the columns. Is it possible to sort the values by one of the months? I can do it total, but we want it by the last month visible in the matrix.

Q: I’ll ask this every month or so lol: Is there a way for primary and secondary axis (bar and line combo) to auto scale to the same min/max together? So far I’ve found no….

Q: Is it possible to automate my manual process of right clicking a binary of a CSV file in Power Query and choosing Add as a New Query? To apply same Applied Steps I made for a binary onto others.

Q: I have a manager wanting to plot dates on the y-axis. How would you even start?

Q: We have a great use case for the Sanky to visualize cash flow into and out of a company using financial posting data. If there is interest, how can I share more details for this use case?

Q: What are the pros and cons of using Odata connector in Pbi desktop?

Q: Can you have a slicer that switches the map visual to use a particular state field such shipper or receiver state? This would be for use on one map.

Q: Is there a way to apply filter from a button. just like slicer but to customize user experience.

Q: Another CSV question. Is there a way to automate running M code on many CSV files, but incrementally increasing one of the numbers in the M code for each subsequent file?

Q: are you guys planning any new courses?

Q: Is there a way to merge two models from two Power BI files and create a common model?

Q: Could you please do a video on what-if parameter. Like if I want to switch between what-if parameters based on slicer value or take whatif to next level in use