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Q: What M6 earbuds are you using? Do you have a link?

Q: My end user wanted four quadrants in Scatterplot , those four quadrants can be adjusted by the end user (they can input the values ) is it possible?

Q: I have a report that looks at orders/day. When I run the report in desktop it works fine. When I publish the report there is a 4 hour time difference due to UTC time zone. Is there a fix for this?

Q: Is there a way to set date picker with before option and show the latest month end date dynamically which available for the specific selected customer/user?

Q: is it possible for stacked bar chart proportion to be parameterized based on slider input change

Q: how can I add dynamic column names to my matrix? Currently I use button with Dax measure as text as overlay.

Q: How can I use the date range in a date slicer ( either as a variable or in any other way) in calculating another measure?

Q: I was tasked with putting together an RLS training at work. I want to point people to yours instead. How is the RLS training going?

Q: What should I learn which will go along with Power BI in order to grow in the field of Data Analytics from career point of view?

Q: How to export data into .TXT file from power bi

Q: What do you think about the terms “new BI” and “old BI” For me: New Bi: Don´t use primary keys and don´t care about data quality.

Q: Referring to the latest Guy in a Cube video, I don’t quite get why the model size didn’t reduce even after the split is performed on the datetime column. However, transforming them to integer does

Q: Is it possible to have Time in slicer with between option, I need to filter for checkin and checkout date using Slicer with btwn feature, similarly how we select from & to date.

Q: Can we show how to correctly use linked dataflows in the Power Bi service? In particular how you do this between different workspaces using parameters?

Q: quick explain about what a gateway is to a non-dev person

Q: I have a dashboard in Power BI Desktop and my coworker has one too. What is the best way to merge these two into one dashboard? We are both using 2 different datasets.

Q: difference between doing: SUMX(VALUES(Table[Column]),…) and CALCULATE(SUMX(….),VALUES(Table[Column]))

Q: any tips on maintaining the Premium Capacity CPU hikes? Total reports approx 3k

Q: What is the Dax function your a most missing?

Q: How long does it take you guys to create a new YouTube video?

Q: New metadata format is in preview now. What will happen when it goes to GA. Will we have two metadata format or the current one will be dropped?

Q: We are having error power bi report server with savings power bi September 2019 files with the new version May 2020 files, is there a way we can correct this, thanks

Q: What’s maximum number of rows you have seen in a PBI Dataflow?

Q: best way to do conditional formatting on a stacked bar chart with two values on it?

Q: Do you guys have favorite custom visual in Power BI you use often? I am personally a big fan of the Chicklet slicer

Q: whats the benefit of using power apps over workspace?

Q: What would be the use to include the refresh date in the report on top of the native indicator that appears on top in PBI Service?

Q: Regarding Network Graph DB and Visuals for Power BI can you tell us something

Q: How to know year slicer in horizontal orientation is selected in a dashboard?

Q: Can i use restful api or any api exist to fetch data from power bi desktop?

Q: to create new deployment pipeline and start with prod and deploy to previous stage, does the workspace has to exist in advance for the previous stage (with same name pipeline is expecting)?

Q: what are the pro’s and con’s of Using a very big sql query with lot of joins and transformations to import data VS import all the tables and build model inside power bi?

Q: I use a set of 3 buttons that are used to change between 3 line charts (they are overlayed, hidden in views), how do I make the active button/ view a different color than the other 2?

Q: Any straight forward function in DAX for Forecast, like we have in Excel (FORECAST, FORECAST.LINEAR)?

Q: Can I connect to the Power BI Premium machine and follow the processes in real time? Nowadays, we have a very long time to discover if the processes fail.

Q: Is there a way to find out all datasets / reports based on a particular datasource when its undergoing a major upgrade which might change the table structures and you need to do impact assessment?

Q: I work in a team of 3 employee and everyone use is own date table, is better to have a date table in excel for everyone or is better to everyone use is own date table?

Q: Can we use AI with Power BI Pro?

Q: My company doesn’t allow me to install DAX Studio on laptop, any plan DAX studio can be installed through Microsoft Store?

Q: Hi Whats the best practice for Date table in PBI. What will you suggest for date table, should we create it SQL or in DAX or In power query .

Q: What was that automatically find clusters?!?

Q: Is there a way that we can use Calendar in one pop up ….to select range of date (To and From) . My client have a unique requirement. Please Suggest 🙂

Q: Can I choose which columns I want to export from a matrix? If I don’t want to export the columns which show on drill down?

Q: What program do you use to zoom in and draw boxes and highlight with laser pointer?

Q: Is AAS not required anymore since power bi premium is becoming superset of AAS as Microsoft announced earlier?

Q: Have you guys done a cohort analysis in Power BI? Can you show it to us?

Q: I don’t always get option to Export Data to xlsx. At least in some older reports, only get CSV option. Is there an Options setting for this?

Q: Drill through report where detail report has its own slicer. how can we clear those slicer and allow drill through but use slicer when used normally.

Q: is it possible to show months and days on the same axis at the same time (no drill down)

Q: Is there a way to sync dates from multiple date tables without having them related through some kind of TREAT AS dax?

Q: Curious about suggested setup for dataflows – separate ingest/transform from final flow with 2 workspaces. with dataset built on final, seems timing up all refreshes just right would be tough. ???

Q: Drill through report where detail report has its own slicer. how can we clear those slicer and allow drill through but use slicer when used normally.

Q: How skilled do you have to be in DAX to really use Power bi effectively?

Q: having issue getting data from .xls. I’m using an automatics report that dumps to sharepoint. But can only get it in xls any ideas?

Q: Drill through report where detail report has its own slicer. how can we clear those slicer and allow drill through but use slicer when used normally.

Q: Can we take a snapshot from a report to keep a copy for auditing purposes for example?

Q: Is it possible to view underlying data in Power BI desktop where explicit measures are used in the visual?

Q: I have a blank when make a table for STORE | SALES. I watched Patrick’s video on blank but no resolved

Q: is it better to build Power BI or SSAS model for enterprise scale BI model?

Q: will power bi allow to add other data into existing dataset ?

Q: Can a dataset be copied from the Power BI service to a Power BI server?

Q: In PQ, is there a way to reference a specific column from a merged query without expanding the table columns first?

Q: do we need to mark dim table as a date table?

Q: I have a matrix where I want to conditional format a row based on 2 values—I assume I need to do that with DAX?

Q: What is the Short cut for increasing the Text size in DAX Formula BAr without zooming Screen

Q: Is Crystal coming back?

Q: What is the best practice in order to share different reports to different groups of consumers? We have some report designers who want to publish to different consumers.

Q: Where are the limits of Power Query and Power Flow when to go for “real” ETL or ELT ?

Q: having issue with getting data from xls. I have xls that auto post to sharepoint but i can’t load it the only format I can get is xls.

Q: In measure, I’m filtering on a tbl with 5 filters. In another measure, I reuse 4 of the filters but change the 5th filter. Can I ref the first measure & change the 5th filter or is calc tble needed

Q: When hitting your first P1 ceiling, do you spend 200+ hours to hopefully optimize each of your users bad models to save a few %’s or just go to a P2 and hope it works itself out?

Q: Is there a way to find out who has access to a specific report from an admin perspective?

Q: is it better to have one large data flow (500mil+ records) or to break up (ie according to client)

Q: How would you think about building a “little” self-service PBI project with the goal to migrate it to an enterprise-scale solution in terms of the ETL process?

Q: do you have recommendations on how to take a DB and obfuscate it?

Q: Patrick, at some point would you demo the DAX debug of iterations that Phil Seamark posted about this week?

Q: (RE: HR data)… would be good to see techniques to deal with ragged hierarchies like we could in SSAS multidimensional (like HideMemberIf same as parent, etc.)

Q: What would be the reason that settings for Report Subscriptions cannot be modified by Power BI Admins and only by the subscription author?

Q: SSAS Aggregations? Any time soon. Didn’t find anything on bing that talks about that release dates.

Q: a customer ask to see closed months on the Axis and days of the actual months on the same axis without drilling down. any suggestions?

Q: If a measure uses a filter function (and filters 3 columns), can another measure ref that measure and change one of the filters?