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Q: Good morning! I receive a daily inventory csv file through subscription. Is it possible to create a new table in PBI and append the new file to older records while not keeping the older csv files?

Q: Any comments on new composite models with AS announced at MBAS? Non NDA, of course.

Q: How to get YTD for last 12 month from selected date and if there is no selection of date then it should show last 12 month YTD from current date

Q: Is there any way to publish to different apps from one workspace? Or what other ways could you suggest if one group of report developers wants to publish to different groups of report consumers?

Q: I have one application column, from state ,to state, date time. i need to calculate time, avg time and no of days from one state to another state. one application have multiple state. Thanks

Q: My Dataset connected to multiple local folders and the folders containing many csv files, I want to move the folders source to SharePoint list, How I can do that?

Q: My Dataset connected to multiple local folders and the folders containing many csv files, I want to move the folders source to SharePoint list, How I can do that?

Q: Can summarize table can be linked to the main table? If i filter anything in summarize table will it filter in main table? In my case it is not happening.

Q: Is there any options like bookmark or any other feature to clear all selections made for the report page in a single-shot?

Q: How do I fix the architecture mismatch error between the Driver (32-bit) and Application (64-bit) when trying to connect to an ODBC?

Q: markers are turned off in line chart automatically after publishing the report after june update?

Q: What is difference between App and Content Pack?

Q: Do you know a way on how to publish PBIT to Power BI Service?

Q: I am having first edition of Definitive guide to it necessary to have second edition as well?

Q: can there be a little easier puzzles on sqlbi? Now I feel I don’t know anything πŸ™‚

Q: Possible to dynamic format measure on selected value? example if selection is made on quantity, it will show measure as whole number and if a % measure is selected, measure would appear as %.

Q: What is a recommended CPU spec for tabular workloads? Above 3.5Ghz?

Q: Marco, any feedback to you yet from Microsoft about Visual Calculations idea? Nice to have it in Power BI

Q: What did you mean when you said it was “game over”? πŸ™‚

Q: How to adapt BW4HANA Authoriztion objects into Power BI Only option is RLS?

Q: This is quite a general question. whats the best path in term of qualifications from microsoft for PowerBI. thanks.

Q: Which is the best site or book to have for Visualization??

Q: Calculated columns… when to use them and when not?

Q: Can we perform cohort analysis using dax in power bi? Have you guys ever done that? If yes, can you show the file to us and how you did that? if not, can you and Patrick do a video for that?

Q: I have a dimension with a 10M+ cardinality (I know) where totals add up, but 13k records double the value when looking at the details. What would you do to troubleshoot this?

Q: What are some tips on dataflow management regarding version control over multiple customers?

Q: Analysis Services support for Azure Data Studio (when?) -> Azure Data Studio Extension for DAX Studio

Q: We used to have a Service now App till last yer, how to integrate Power BI now?

Q: is Multidimensional model better than Tabular one??

Q: who Is the best path to learn DAX? very thanks guys are awesome.

Q: Have you implemented any ways to clear the filters in a Drill through report? Scenario: User drills through from a Summary report where column region = Asia. Reaches detail report, drill down in a table there (Region to country; Asia > India). now filter on visual country = India.

Q: what does MAINTAINABILITY & scalability in Power BI Design DAX and Data Model..?

Q: is there a way to sort a stacked bar chart by “value”. sorry if this is a basic question, I can’t seem to find a straightforward way to do this so far

Q: Do you ever do any kind of unit tests for your DAX measures? and if so, how do you go about it?

Q: We are creating a Power BI Report for the Organization to use it like a catalogue to pick it up from, any API to get the Report Description?

Q: what’s the use or advantages of Power Bi templates?

Q: Is Nashville going live in-person?

Q: Is there a way for an end-user to share personal bookmarks from an app?

Q: I receive an error message in Excel when connecting to a SSAS model with Calc Groups and put items into rows and any measure into values of pivot table. Error happens when I filter out one of items

Q: how can I pass inputs to publish version of report dynamically

Q: I have a report giving an error in refresh on service as ‘Blank value is not allowed on “one” side of one to many relationship’, but it refreshes successfully on Power BI Desktop there is no blank value in the table

Q: What are the best ways to debug the DAX

Q: Hi Marco. I have categories in my column like Net Sales, COGS and a column with sales amount. I want show in Matrix in Power BI a calculated sub-total for example Gross Profit = Net Sales – COGS?

Q: Will Tabular models be able to handle Hierarchies the same way as Multidimensional cubes do? It seems like Tabular model is not able to handle hierarchies with more than 10 levels.

Q: what is the measure in order to get the last available values, but should not be iterated by other filters, e.g. i don’t want to get the last values by each product, but products on last report date

Q: As of today enhanced metadata format is in preview. What happens when it goes to GA? Will there be two metadata formats at the same time: current and enhanced? Or will the current one be dropped?

Q: What are the real differences (in premium) between consuming a data model as a shared dataset vs as an AAS cube? Should we be advising people

Q: In DAX using PREVIOUSMONTH in a calculation, and using Month as slicer and select nonconsecutive months, any way to avoid the error in the returned value?

Q: Hi..Is there any way to change the slicer filtering from AND logic to OR? I have multiple slicers which when selected should filter the table using OR logic instead of AND.

Q: I need to use ALLSELECTED to create a measure on tooltip page. But it treats dimension of table as external filter on final page where I use tooltip.

Q: Hi guys, how can I automatically refresh a report with a multiple request API?

Q: how dax similar to visual basic and how we can code visual basic in power bi

Q: we have a Power BI Paginated report and connected through Power BI premium dataset with direct query mode. when run the same repots 2.5 crores of data, getting error 1milion exceeded. but actually.

Q: Is it possible to use Dax to take a selected value(s)from one dimension (connected to one fact) & calculate the sum value of the fact table but using the selected value(s) on a different dimension?

Q: What are the top 3 biggest mistakes people generally make when using DAX?

Q: When composite models are available do you think the design pattern will be to publish a model (AAS or premium) by subject area and then connect them in a report model as needed?

Q: is it possible to refresh/process individual tables in a power bi model in ssms via xmla connection?

Q: My users don’t understand the use of Calc Groups and I really don’t want to create hundreds of measures. How do I help them?

Q: How is ALLEXCEPT and ALL along with VALUES is different from each other??

Q: how to calculate elapsed time between different-2 states for applications. I have application Id,from state, to state,Datetime column.calculate time,avg time,no of days for each application

Q: Any hack for providing default values for slicers? In SSAS OLAP times we had default members but there is no equivalent! right?

Q: What would be the best tip in terms of SCD models?

Q: what book you would recommend for SSDT? My organization have too many excel files that are created manually

Q: feature for dax studio that’s on your wish list?

Q what do you think of the idea that monthly updates is now too frequent? Each one brings little that is truly useful to a large audience & too often means people not full-time in PBI cannot keep up?

Q: How do i create a measure that shows the sum of sales from the last 4 years in a chart based on the year selected in the slicer.

Q: What is XMLA endpoints?

Q: Is there a way to calculate a measure parting from other measure? Example: when calculating a running total measure per date, is there a way to evaluate the result through other measure?

Q: How to get YTD and Full year budget when using monthly slicer? Thanks

Q: How can i get YTD of a Previous Month in DAX ?

Q: Is it important to strive for integer keys in a model to increase performance or no?