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Q: I heard that new Power BI certification is coming, is that true? I want to go for certification please let us if there is any official Power BI certification available out there.

Q: When I write DAX queries and DAX expressions I sometimes do not get an error but null or empty results. Have you seen this?

Q: When using the “export underlying data” option in Power BI Service, the export file contain columns which are used to create the visual together with all “Text” type columns except “Int” or “Whole”

Q: Can I add measures to a data set that is already published on the service without having to download it back to desktop?

Q: I am now working in Azure Synapse Analytics and I Request good documentation on Azure Synapse studio , like to How to get data there and create reports there

Q: I’m building a reporting application for external users with Power BI, but I can’t figure out if I’m better off embedding in Power Apps portals or just going full external. Licensing implications?

Q: Is there a limit to the total number of rows that Power BI Desktop can handle when connecting to Excel files?

Q: Is it possible to dynamically change the column names in Grid visual? DB Column = “Cur Year” and Grid dynamically changes the column name to current year (e.g) 2020, 2021 as year changes?

Q: How to use measures as slicers?

Q: My quotation about Display Units on card, the billions automatically display as (bn),can I change it to (B)? Is there any way to update these display units?

Q: using Bookmarks.. using buttons on report to switch between the bookmarks

Q: I hv PBI-Pro env & I hv created my own workspace, published multiple apps, while assigning my workspace to Deployment pipeline, I’m facing error as “We couldn’t find any workspace for you to assign” Is there any Tenant settings needs to be change for Deployment pipeline issue ?

Q: Saw video on Deployment pipelines. I can only get a A4, not a P1, am I unable to use this feature?

Q: How to filter the report to reflect the records against max date in db when i am using a live connection to Azure Analysis Services

Q: is there a feature in matrix table to expand and collapse columns or choose which columns to hide?, thank you

Q: is it possible to dynamically switch a single selected slicer value if the current selected value is filtered out with rls?

Q: can we have the Table/Matrix column headers data drive? example: QOH as of 6/5/2019 (this date is MaxDate from Slicer)

Q: I’m having problems connection to a Gen2 ADL, especially with dataflows. Is it true that only one Gen2 ADL can be connected to PBI at a time?

Q: What resources would you recommend for newbies to learn DAX?

Q: Is there a way to change the header of matrix visual? I want to show Financial Statement with Today’s Date and Yesterdays date. I want to show the date instead of column names like Current Date

Q: can we use slicer values into dax functions

Q: I’m confused about the size of email subscription Report. What is the best size for email?

Q: Power BI embedded in Power Apps Portals. P SKU obviously for organization – for Embedded assuming only EM SKU since Power Apps is SaaS. Someone trying A SKU and getting errors.

Q: How do you turn a slicer into a dropdown list?

Q: please head over to your laptop to show how I sort a measure in decomposition tree #nostupidquestions

Q: how essential is to know Power query M to work with Power BI professionally? big thanks from Brazil, great videos from you guys.

Q: In deployment pipelines how do you switch a Dev report pointing to a dev workspace model to a Test report pointing to a test workspace model?

Q: what is the recommended background sizes for reports? We are using images, and 16:9 but visuals look a bit small to the users.

Q: what of the row limitation of dataflow.?

Q: I find making dataflows to be very slow when using files in sharepoint. Otherwise, it’s fast connecting to blobs etc in azure. Do I have to suck it up and stop using SP for files with DFlow’s?

Q: to calculate sum of distinct values and using group by as well in dax?

Q: will Power bi support direct integration with AWS S3 or one drive?

Q: do bookmarks on the same page to change visuals affect performance/rendering?

Q: Is there any option in PBI to showcase current selections made for the report?

Q: Can we use power bi embedded application to support multi tenancy? If yes, how do we ensure that a tenant is only able to access only their workspace? And, do i need to buy license for each tenant?

Q: Is there any way I can restrict which table to be refreshed on service?

Q: I have a SSAS model running on 1100 compatibility level. But, authoring it in Visual Studio is a pain. It takes forever to update every single change. Any ideas? I have 35 tables and 500+ measures

Q: I have a very complex single dax measure applied in a column matrix visual, is there any way to map which part of this dax is causing sluggish performance? There are many ifs inside

Q: how to show on same graph visual, itens that are integer values and other itens that are %? Awesome work guys!

Q: I am using odbc to connect my power bi report to aws postgres database, but it takes a long time waiting dns, any tips to jump waiting dns time?

Q: how Is the da-100 exam divided by power query/dax/report design etc

Q: coffee, tea, soda?

Q: I am having a horrible time using the power query editor, lots of tag, and keystrokes not being registered. Any tips?

Q: when I write dax , sometimes it does not suggest a column or measure already I have made have u encountered it ?

Q: will we have report bursting option?

Q: I am having problems connecting to an ODBC Connection. I am using the same connection as if I were in SQL Developer.

Q: is it possible to debug and view the data stored in a variable table?

Q: On filter pane; for every visual it shows ‘filters in visual’ – is there any option to disable at report level (instead of hiding the each field in visual)?

Q: how do you document your work with pbi reports? I use datavizioner but i think i need something better

Q: do you know whether Power BI will be better connected to Azure Data Catalog in the future? (to retrieve meta-data directly from ADC to Power BI visuals?

Q: will there be any improvement to the error message with the dataset refresh. the error message sometimes is too generic

Q: What’d be best practice to share same report to a different App but allowing to export underlying data to excel. If I copy the report to another Workspace the user can’t. Is Dataflows a workaround?

Q: Any chance of embedding the App with power bi embedded

Q: Can you combine drillthrough with bookmarks somehow? Ex Drillingt hrough book mark 1 into bookmakr 2 in the same page.

Q: would you recommend starting development in power bi desktop or Visual studio to develop models/dataset/AS db in an enterprise env for a BI team? can use xmla endpoint is to deploy from VS..

Q: Will composite models work with Azure Analysis Services cubes?

Q: How can I pass input values to published version in power bi

Q: using calendar auto, but date table isn’t slicing the dates. why? source is combined Excel files. dates and date time format, date validated when I set a state table. And set the relationship

Q: How do you manage RLS on a single dataset of truth when you need to combine company overview data alongside the need to have row level secured detail pages?

Q: Do You know a easy fix for the following error: Formula.Firewall: Query xx references other queries or steps, so it may not directly access a data source. Please rebuild this data combination.

Q: why the hierarchy goes missing when using date column in join

Q: When will Tabular Editor and DAX studio be an external tool within Desktop for non premium

Q: How to implement RLS using Power BI embedded? we cannot create a guest user account in our azure directory and are planning to use custom data. do you think it would work fine?

Q: power BI is not able to find a salesforce report from a pool of reports? is there a limit of reports that Power BI pulls from salesforce report

Q: When you connect a Data Flow to a CSV located on a sharpoint is there a limit on how big the CSV file is? My DF crashes when the CSV hits more than 300 MB

Q: any plans of downloading the visual/Matrix to the excel

Q: I shared a report with various users without pro account, as view only rights. Do they need a pro account to solely view the report? Thanks.

Q: How to use perfectly a dataflow as data warehouse for a SQL server with minimal frequency sync

Q: Any plans for custom visuals to support use of DAX in conditional formatting?

Q: I have some SQL queries but communicating to SAP HANA. After importing I make some modeling using the columns.However, when refreshing a error is raised.There is a straight way to fix?

Q: yooo I’ve been using live connections, but there is no option to test rls on desktop or service. am I missing something? or is it just available on the dataset? Excelente trabajo con sus videos!

Q: how can I add icons on the total row too in a matrix visual, seems to be available only on non-total rows…

Q: Whats the most number of users/workspaces/reports you would be happy with managing if you were the only Power BI administrator?

Q: Any solution to Internal Service Error- Transient Issue. When Scheduled Refresh at every 30 minutes (48 times a day).

Q: Is there any way to unhide all unused fileds at a single click to optimize the report performance…?

Q: Any plans for XMLA Read/Write to support updating profiles? RLS management is still very manual with large organizations who are hesitant to create more AD security groups.

Q: Is it possible to have dynamic column names while you are using Dynamic measures

Q: I solved how to share a report from consumer to government PowerBI subscrip. – but why can’t you just share directly between w/o giving guest lic. from our account? Its bananas!

Q: What is the average salary a Power BI analyst makes where you guys live, here in Brazil the average salary is equivalent to around 5000 U.S. dollars/year

Q: Will going from 32 to 64 ram significantly speed up my desktop refresh? Ram + bigger processor?

Q: I have some SQL queries but communicating to SAP HANA. After importing I do some modeling using the columns. However, when refreshing a error is raised. There is a straight way to fix?

Q: had issue a few times where replacing a dataset in the service by uploading from desktop would take a very long time (~1 hour). Dataset is only 40 MB. Any ideas why replacing would cause problems?

Q. Any resources to start learning DAX more systematically?

Q: Does Power BI allow to have Global filters in different Dashboards? if it is not possible be mimic with Python.

Q: how to relate my DateKey table to my default date, when the formats don’t seem to match. I receive an error.

Q: can we split the matrix into two parts like main and subcategory? the row header is common for both but the column header differs?

Q: is there any function DAX/M that returns self attributes about pbix file itslef? like size, location, author, date modified…

Q: Any way to generate fact tables from a flat table in M without rerunning the entire query for the flat table?

Q: DEPLOYMENT PIPELINES is it possible to assign dev, test, prod to existing different workspaces?

Q: Any solution to Internal Service Error- Transient Issue. When Scheduled Refresh at every 30 minutes (48 times a day).

Q: Is there anyway i can connect to SAS dataset?

Q: How can I remove add visualizations from Power BI Desktop?

Q: dax/m function to return pbix file attributes – size, author, dates

Q: Why would you separate date and time table? Any advantages?

Q: AZURE MAPS When will we see Azure Maps integration with tilesets and data hosted there?

Q: if I hide a slicer in a bookmark and have same slicer on another bookmark and if I select a value from the slicer so can it filter my data on the second bookmark where I have hidden the slicer?

Q: can we group by categories and display top 5 and others?

Q: In what scenarios do you use Countrows vs. Distinctcount in a column to arrive at a Total?

Q: I have two tables,many to many relationship. I tried bridge table .

Q: Is there a way to expand and collapse columns in matrix table?

Q: I have two tables two tables many to many relationship.i am getting incorrect results. I tried bridge table concept . still I am getting wrong values . can you please assist me

Q: how can I send the complete scenario regarding the question I asked for splitting the column?

Q: Multiline labels with points on a map. Can it be done? I think not, tried unichar (10)– no likey

Q: expected cost to get started with Premium for an Org < 1000?

Q: I’m keep having schedule refresh prob whereas for certain dataset keep shows error gateway unreachable? any ideas or suggestions for troubleshoot it?

Q: how to calculate date diff at header level…? ignore item no

Q: any plan of joining dataset with multiple column instead of create additional column

Q: Any way to consume Dataset data by Excel other than Analyse in Excel, this way is extremely slow since Have 5 G dataset

Q: how to make a decision if we need to add the calculated column to SQL or Powerbi?

Q: For Patrick : DC or Marvel?

Q: can you access the XMLA endpoints through a .Net Core application, through something like Adomd client?

Q: the mainwork has vertical and horizontal workflows and the sub work has only horizontal workflow. but the subwork is created in the main work’s vertical workflow. you we want to split the matrix 2

Q: For Patrick: How to work with Ranking/preference survey questions in power bi?

Q: is there anyway to use drillthrough with bookmarks? Ex drillthrough bookmark 1 into bookmark 2.

Q: Patrick, when you are moving to HOLLYWOOD.

Q: For organizations where IT resists access to data for BI, any stepping stone data access suggestions to get them comfortable allowing access? Or is this likely an education level issue in IT?

Q: how to relate my DateKey w/o error?

Q: Visual studio or Power BI for enterprise level development of data models/ dataset

Q: Is it possible to show power bi dashboard from report server on premise in sharepoint using javascript or rest api?? not embed or Iframe

Q: How to solve that error: Query ‘SA-K Data Table’ (step ‘Added Conditional Column’)references other queries or steps,so it may not directly access a data source. Please rebuild this data combination

Q: Can you custom power bi desktop to send emails to specific users with your signature instead of all the Microsoft content?