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Q: any hacks to combine files from a SP folder in a data flow? Works in desktop because PBI automatically creates a function and helper queries. These steps are missing in the dataflow. Thanks!

Q: how was the birthday Patrick? Learn anything new, fun or exciting over the previous year?

Q: I’ve got large inventory table in monthly partitions in AAS GOING BACK 2 years. Would I get a significant performance increase by merging them?

Q: My company has most of their data stored in MongoDB. We are connecting in Power BI via BI Connector & ODBC. When dealing with millions of rows refresh performance is painful. Anything I can do this

Q: What is the best way to explain Query folding to my DBA?

Q: while creating dataflow for SQL server we don’t get option to write SQL statement. it just gives you option to select tables from DB. how to solve this problem.

Q: How to Find Chain of COVID infections for Example A infected B and B infected C. Here again C came in contact A Again. If I select A i should get list of B, C and if I select C. I should get A and B, I tired PATH Function to see the levels but unfortunately that function has limitation of Supervisor never become subordinate or vice a versa. Require help badly! I asked this Questions in the last session as well!

Q: Can we re use connection strings in “Analyze Excel” pivot and connect to the same report/dataset in Power BI?

Q: Do Microsoft has any plans to provide parameters at layout to be able to pass them into Power Query? Like Year to be filtered by customer at Report Page and data will be restricted

Q: How to create measure to display, last data refresh(loaded) date and time? I have created one measure, which shows date and time whenever I hit save button. But this not my requirement.

Q: can I include a link in power bi to open an excel sheet?

Q: Fairly new to PBI.I understand star schema basics. But find it difficult to create one with existing data. Are there best practices for this? Or is it something that gets easier with xp?

Q: Is there a way to copy visuals from one report to another PBI Desktop?

Q: What hardware specifications do you recommend for a hardcore power bi desktop workstation?

Q: How can we filter only maximum rows based on some column in Power Query ?

Q: Can I modify existing or add new measures to a live dataset without publishing from Power BI Desktop?

Q: how can I store comment written and match it when I update my data in power apps and power bi?

Q: Is it possible to sort a slicer by a column other than the one displayed, for instance an order sequence? same for a table, sort by by a column that is not displayed? Thanks!

Q: Is it possible to get the logged in username using Power BI DAX/ any other-way.

Q: Are there any “gotchas” to look out for when migrating SSRS .rdl files to Paginated Report Builder for Power BI?

Q: Any idea when data flows will get compatible with azure cosmos db?

Q: Is it possible to get ownership of all datasets/reports on a workspace with one click?

Q: Is there a way to create a date and time table where the time table is showing 30 mins interval?

Q: how can I get better at DAX. how do I get familiar with the formulas/code

Q: can we hide/show column or table or tab based on who signed in?? something like object level security.

Q: Is there any way to deploy PBI reports\dashboards from PBI service into report server directly, without downloading and publishing into RS ? any roadmaps in upcoming release for this future.

Q: What hardware specifications do you recommend for using Power BI Desktop for better PQ performance?

Q: Can I “View as” the roles in Power BI Desktop if I am connected directly with an AS cube? if not, what would be the way to test as roles in this case?

Q: did you try to make Direct Query from csv? DataSets on Azure Datalake for 4b rows?

Q: Is there a workaround to dynamically populate data to a calculated table based on user’s slicer selection ?

Q: if I have a selection in a single select slicer, then this slices gets filtered by rls. if the selected filter is deemed as a filtered item, it stays selected. how can I force the slicer to change?

Q: Is there any way to try features of PBI Premium in a trial basis to get better evidence to justify the cost to management?

Q: For usage metrics, is it possible to get data or backup that more than 90 days old data?

Q: When are you going to release video on Deployment Pipeline?

Q: RLS security within the teams integration – Because I experienced that if I invite external user i cant give them a role because they are part of the Office 365 group. You know if wil an update?

Q: Is there a limit to the number of queries / files / rows that Power BI Desktop can handle?

Q: is it possible to change the default date value for today in a drop-down slicer

Q: What’s the best way of mimicking MTD, QTD, YTD built-in functionality when dealing with non-calendar fiscal years?

Q: How to Create Virtual Table using DAX

Q: will power BI report server be bringing ability to create power BI dataset file that can then be connected to by another power BI visualization file. like shared dataset on service

Q: What’s the coolest / most fun thing you did with Power BI this week?

Q: Can you please show how to use deployment pipeline in Service?

Q: How can I filter only maximum values based on some column in Power Query like using Table.Max ?

Q: What does dataset eviction mean?

Q: if single select slicer has a value selection which Is then filtered with rls, how can I get it to auto reselect an item not filtered so as not to show blank data.

Q: Is there any way to customize the location of a KPI on the report based on the selection in the slicer

Q: What is your favorite Power BI book and why is it Definitive Guide? 😉

Q: I connected to ODB folder using “Sharepoint.Content” and everything works fine, The problem is too slow. Is there a way to make it faster? P.S: This query is source query to other queries.

Q: which license is required to view power bi using embedded link?(power bi pro or free).

Q: we have detailed reports in excel. can we include a link to access the excel sheet in power bi? Thanks

Q: Is there any official certification for MS Power BI, I heard new certification coming.

Q: Do you have any tips on handling slowly changing dimensions type 2 with Power BI and DAX?

Q: can we hide/show tables, column or tabs based on the user login in?? More like something Object level security.

Q: Is connecting the ssas cubes to other data sources going to be restricted to tabular cubes, like report level measures? (Matthew and Thomas mentioned this update would be released later this year)

Q: What has happen to the power bi publisher for excel, it doesn’t seem to be available anymore, I can’t get my excel tool bar back in my install

Q: Publish to web does not currently support R and Python visuals, any tips to share report with non-power bi member ?

Q: Any thoughts for the newly released DA-100 Exam (still in beta) “Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI” It will be a 5-day instructor course I think

Q: how to do topn+ others dynamically with filters on page

Q: Is it possible to use the actual year as a parameter in a slicer?

Q: From which country you get more views on this channel

Q: Is there anything in the pipeline from Microsoft to have pdf or excel file included in the Subscribe button for a report, instead of just a screenshot of the 1st page?

Q: Is there any way to create a hyperlink to open another report in the same page instead of being redirected to new tab?

Q: Is it possible to copy Power BI pages from one PBI file to another? Just like in MS Excel when you copy a worksheet to another worksheet

Q: how can I convince coworkers that devalue DAX because they say “I can do this already in SQL” to learn DAX?

Q: How can I learn Power Apps and Automate?

Q: I’m a small company, all users a pro. In which point should I switch to premium and switch some users to free subscription?

Q: Deployment pipelines – having a dataset in 3 stages, does that mean its gonna impact the memory limit of the P1 premium capacity for example?

Q: how to connect to otc workspace usage files to create usage report?

Q: Time Intelligence (Options – Current file) Turn Off ? Pros/Cons

Q: how deployment pipeline going to help xmla read write is going to help development and maintenance in any enterprise solutions?

Q: How do you organize your work day to do actual work, keep up to date with PBI stuff, and make videos? How many hours a day you work?

Q: Can you use GITHUB to store versions of a Power BI Report as you work on it? Right now, i am just manually saving each PBIX as a version

Q: Each excel file (stored separately in diff folders) gets updated every week (but no new file is added). We want to keep the history of data and append the new ones below. How can i accomplish this?

Q: Deployment pipeline and xmla read and write is going help together?

Q: In PBI Report, “analyze” won’t work… when I try to check “explain increase” .. it doesn’t show anything. Also.. is there awesome video on “key influencer” ?

Q: Why is the default set to On?

Q: How can we I calculate a rolling 21 working days formula ? E.g. today I look at the average result for the last 21 working days

Q: Can you add measures to a live power bi dataset

Q: Is there any resource to learn M query ?

Q: Why do you not wave back when people say hi?

Q: Is there a way to reorder a bar graph when a data field is highlighted in a matrix?

Q: Which is better – Creating visuals using Python or BI?

Q: Isn’t object level security can be done if you are using Analysis Services Tabular?

Q: I am self-learning Power BI from msdn. How can I reach a pro level. Can you suggest a learning path.

Q: Can I caches the aggregations from a matrix to speed up expand and collapse?

Q: Is there any way where end user can change the column on X-axis?…without a disjointed table

Q: In many DAX examples, I often people use iterator functions when a non-iterator function would also work. Is there a reason people often default to the iterator functions when both work?

Q: Is there any way to show popups in a different window through embededdashboards?

Q: SAP Hana Querys,, please talk about your experience with that connector please

Q: How to publish reports automatically

Q: What is the logic behind summarized data export option from power bi services? any possibility to define the columns in specific order?

Q: every day I’m getting more and more measure in my model(MTD, YTD, FYTD….), its getting crazy! what can I do ?

Q: do you know how to create interactive reports with questions before executing?

Q: DevOps for Power BI. where do people start – Azure Pipeline / DevOps – M Queries (Git)

Q: Do you think we will review my report still at some point – or was it just laughable when you looked at it?

Q: In PBI Report, “analyze” won’t work… when I try to check “explain increase” .. it doesn’t show anything. Also.. is there awesome video on “key influencer” ?

Q: When Will development pipelines get incremental refresh?

Q: Any update on Power BI Premium features being available for developers to test/evaluate without paying 50 thousand dollar?

Q: Other than Paginated Reports, is there an advantage to use Premium Capacity when you have a small number of users?

Q: Is it still best practice to have a measures table(s) rather than putting them into the related tables? Seeing different approaches, are there any benefits\downsides to either way

Q: What is the logic behind summarized data export option from power bi services? any possibility to define the columns in specific order?

Q: do you have any visuals about statistics?

Q: I recently saw a report demoed with a custom menu item added to the ellipsis menu for a visual. It fired a custom event. Is this a feature or did I just have a strange dream?

Q: I have started just now, it’s very confusing to get hold of Measures, DAX. How to remember stuff and know what to use where?

Q: Any way to write integration tests / unit tests with power query code?

Q: For a enterprise BI development would you start developing AS tabular models in visual studio/ssdt and use xmla read/write to deploy to power bi service or stick with PBI desktop?

Q: apart from sharepoint folder, is there plan to extend the source to onedrive or box?

Q: Can you guys do a simple video of how to structure different tables in one table?

Q: Is there anyway to get the insights from data by directly plugging the data

Q: Do you have any STATISTICS about VISUALS

Q: wats the best way to check whether a power bi dataset refresh has completed in an automated way to trigger dataset refresh?

Q: is there a way to import a theme from excel into power bi desktop?

Q: Understand the inc data refresh is currently based on date column, any change it can be extended to primary key> Apologies if I am wrong

Q: I am exporting summarized data from services from an bar chart? I am not getting the column order as defined at sql server DB. what is the logic behind column order from services?

Q: Is there a workaround to dynamically populate data to a calculated table based on slicer selection ?

Q: Is Microsoft somehow planning to make Paginated Reports available for pro users ? Or will a premium capacity always be required ?

Q: Can we customize Pie chart to show actual values and Percentages along with category

Q: will it be ever possible to connect live to 2 different datasets to create reports within PBI desktop, perhaps if both datasets are in direct query mode?

Q: What’s a good chart to list customers and display turnover by year?