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Q Why is there two gateways, Azure Integrations Runtime and the Power BI Gateway?

Q: what is the recommended architecture for taking advantage of SAP HANA live data without compromising on performance?

Q: My client’s Office 365 Tenant doesn’t allow them the option for Power BI Pro. Is there a way so that one of their users can get a Power BI Pro license for themselves? Spent 40hrs doing a report!

Q Why the emphasis on star and galaxy schema instead of fully normalized data.

Q: Can find a GoXLR anywhere!!!! Help a Cuber Out!!

Q: Whenever I perform a PIVOT in Power query, it seems that query folding no longer works (view native query option is greyed out after applying that step). source is SQL server. Any idea why that is?

Q: I follow Measure Tables to Park them separately instead of keeping that in regular Query Table. But I heard from some expert that it may cause problems .Have you seen such issues. I need to know

Q: Can you refresh a subset of tables during incremental refresh? (one table needs a 12 hour update and the rest of the tables need 24 hour)

Q: Can we have 2 admins managing 1 data set/gateways?

Q: how do you send parameters to an SP from power bi service?

Q: Do you know when is DA-100 exam will end the Beta?

Q: How can I save KPI history of the KPIs calculated in Power BI to show evolution ? For example: Rank of a country/product and then how that rank is changing over time.

Q: do value.nativequery carry over queryfolding?

Q: Calculate(countrows(table), filter(conditions), userelationship(join keys)) will return a wrong figure. Could you please explain why?

Q: How to increase the table row height?

Q: I need to add bar chart to show the12 month trend in one of the column in table? I know svg is one option, is there is any other custom visual support both values and chart in table visual

Q: Can you have a date table that handles datetime? ex. leadership wants a breakdown of sales by time of day/hour

Q: How important is an ETL to use the Data I have to model it in PBI??

Q: is premium required for direct query of cds?

Q: We have about 20 sql DB all same schema… I watched the video on dual storage and agg tables… what’s the best way to mashup agg tables from multiple db? need some resources on parameters. thx!

Q: I can’t get the same results I get on my transactional program… How important is an ETL tool to achieve good reports?

Q: Is the power Bi Gateway going to support automatic updates like Power BI desktop anytime soon?

Q: Any demo on handling different granularity. sales and targets. targets by quarter.

Q: Will upcoming semantic model supports 2 Power BI datasets in a single PBI file?

Q : can we base incremental refresh on parameters like non-dates, for example, can we base it to run only when there is a change in source data?

Q: Hey Adam and Patrick, may be you have already answered but again would like to know your views on new Power BI certification.

Q: how do you uur coloring in data mondeling in Power BI desktop?????

Q: pros and cons of using one model vs. multiple?

Q: I am not clear on the current workflow for consuming CSV/excel files that are saved / updated in a business one-drive folder

Q: hack for larger excel export

Q: Guy in a Cube On Power BI ,any reference where i can check how to pass parameters on an sql stored procedure? eg pass datefrom and date to on my SP?

Q: Does append query on multiple tables in Power Query refresh parent queries in parallel or sequential?

Q: Why we can’t use DirectQuery for sp? Can you explain why would throw this an syntax error?

Q: What’s the coolest / most fun thing you’ve done with PBI this week?

Q Is datalows related to the person creating it? If they leave what will happen?

Q: is there a possibility for incremental refresh enabled for dataflow to pro users?

Q: Do you have any rules of thumb when deciding whether or not you should import data into a model vs. use direct query (i.e, model size, no. of rows etc)

Q: When I use ISINSCOPE Function , The table doesn’t have Total for that Measure . Any Idea?

Q: Web API call with invoked function works fine in Power BI Desktop but does not work in the Service, the error code basically says cant combine the data? Do you know this issue?

Q: what is the state of automl tool in Power BI service?. I was trying to get results from an Oracle DB and it is not so “auto” as it should be, it is in a beta phase?

Q: is there a way to see formulas and model view on reports with live conection to a dataset? great work guys!

Q: how ro find python and r version installed in PBI service?

Q: Is it possible to use SVG backgrounds for my reports on an on prem server? Shows fine in desktop but blank on deployed report.

Q: Can we deploy PBIX file from PBI service to PBI Report server directly, with out downloading and publishing into Report server manually ?

Q: why native queries is a bad idea? (performance direct query SQL server)

Q: paginated reports initialize an AS tabular model on power bi premium and this un-defines the basic use of exporting huge set of data..

Q. Is it possible to connect from Power BI Desktop to a Power BI Service Dataset without permission to download data?

Q: We use a blob to store some weekly reports, containing 4 years of historical reports and the current year gets new data weekly. How would you build dataflows to make the model efficient?

Q: best way to go around solving the excel – paginated report – power bi – export, issue

Q: When we think about performance, What the biggest difference between the “Relationship” and Merge the Tables?

Q: how to set the gateway to run logged as a domain user different from myself?

Q: can tenant admins recover a workspace, if the all workspace owners have left the org????

Q: I take data from 5 different servers. unfortunately, one of them fall down once a week. how can still get the data from the others and leave the bad one out. like If Error function?

Q: do you know whether Decomposition Tree will be available on PBI Report Server?

Q: My client gets “You are not eligible to acquire this product” when they try to purchase “Power BI Pro” – HELP! Spent 40hrs on a report for them!!

Q: Can we change default week start day in relative date filters?

Q: What would cause the model view to be grayed out in PBI Desktop?

Q: please, can you suggest good tutorials to improve d3 knowledge? thank you!!! 🙂

Q: When i merge a table with another But it was not happening

Q: when config https of power bi report server, report cannot open if the data source is ssas. is there need special config for ssas without ad domain.

Q: promoted datasets seem to have less exposure now, are there better ways to share the “one version” to many people?

Q. Is there any good way to get a path in excel, if it is not alphabetic, such as kanji, it will be a URL encoded string?

Q: May Release this week?

Q: What is the best way to avoid circular dependencies?

Q: how to have values and bar chart for trends as one of the columns in table?

Q: can you combine table and bar chart as one of the columns in table visual