Join us live as we look over what has happened in Power BI in April 2020.

Live Chat Question List

Q: What’s the best way to calculate and show variance between first and last columns in a matrix visual?

Q: When I filter for my datasets in the new workspace, most of my datasets are owned by the app workspace (like in your demo) and I cant take them over. Is that due to the new update?

Q. please can you share your thoughts on Power BI direct connection to BW. There are many limitations and if you can show how we can overcome those. congrats on 100k. you are amazing…

Q: How to duplicate Dev workspace using Powershell. And how to change data source connections and data gateways for the same using Powershell?

Q: Is it possible to control slicer selection if another slicer selection changes ? Or set default slicer selection ?

Q: Is it possible to dynamically defaulting the slicer with first value based on user login (rls) ?

Q: Cab you get your Tennant settings as an excel? This would help me keep our Power BI Management Document up to date with the settings we use.

Q: Hey Adam n Patrick, what is the best method to use Real-time dashboard with On-premise SQL?

Q: is it possible to create a custom visual starting from an existing one?

Q: gents any idea if when finer grained security will happen? We are having to create way too many apps due to security requirements. Really want less apps with individual security on items in the app

Q: How to calculate Distinct sum without using SUMX ?

Q: What are some best practices to improve performance in data modelling?

Q: pbix files are already integrated with the power bi report server? Is it possible to mail a report in pdf format?

Q: Is it possible to restrict specific content in Power BI App for some users? Or is it better to share that content from a workspace instead?

Q: what’s the best pattern today to create multi-languages reports?

Q: When will Patrick act in a movie as Samuel L Jackson’s brother?

Q: How can you export to pdf a PBI report with Power Automate? That’s And Do you know if there is PDF subscription on PBI Roadmap?

Q: if you want to embed PBI in teams and want to give access to the people in it, is there a way of using the o365 group/syncing it with AAD?

Q: will pbi support composite models of ssas tab or pb dataset + import ?

Q: Do you know if the issue with the bar chart when using hierarchical data ignores the x axis category concatenation function being ignored? the bar labels are soooooo long now.

Q: Can we expect scrolling groups feature at all? It was announced last year by Will Thomson last summer, but it was removed from the roadmap. This would be the biggest since bookmarks.

Q: What happened to the lady that did upadte videos? She was doing great job

Q: 1:23AM from Australia. When will power bi support SAP Universe connection? Thanks for replying!

Q: how can you set a datetime parameter in pbix desktop?… I tried to create a datetime parameter, but always get and error so that’s why I use text parameters for begin and end dates… #ThankYou

Q: being the fun of Guyincube channel when can we see more on calculation groups video demo..

Q: Is there a way to decrease pbix file size without change the source? I mean, to keep the structure of the dashboard without data. Thanks in advance.