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Showing only slicer data that have facts in Power BI (and other fun tricks) (@kjonge)

Understanding Calculation Groups (@marcorus)

Power BI Dataflows June 2019 Feature Summary

Power BI Paginated Reports June 2019 Feature Update Summary

Announcing the New Viewer Role for Power BI Workspaces


Advanced DAX Folder Organization in Power BI (@Havens_bi)

Status Check: Power BI dataflows and ADLSg2 (@SQLAllFather)

DAX Median() Function Does Not Work On Tables With More Than 2 Billion Rows (@cwebb_bi)

Avoiding workspace loops by expanding navigation properties in the GetGroupsAsAdmin API

Introducing dataflow templates; A quick and efficient way to build your sales leaderboard and get visibility over your sales pipeline

Writing effective problem reports (@SQLAllFather)