Using R Visuals with Power BI

You can take advantage of the R Script showcase to start using R Visuals with your reports. These provide great examples of what your R Script should look like to interact with data and you can compare how your visual looks to the example. R Script Showcase R Open (Script engine) Webinar: Getting started with [...]

Using R Visuals with Power BI2016-10-25T10:00:27-05:00

Dynamics Summit16 Recap

Last week I participated in the Dynamics Summit 16 conference. I was able to help up on a panel answering questions about Power BI. I also presented at their community theater and a session about Power BI deployment options and security. You can check out the Dynamics 365 keynote that ScottGu gave at Summit16. [...]

Dynamics Summit16 Recap2016-10-18T10:19:54-05:00

Moving from the Personal to the On-Premises Data Gateway in Power BI

I get the occasional question about how to move a dataset from using your Personal Gateway to using the On-Premises Data Gateway for scheduled refresh or refresh now within Power BI. There are a few things to consider when trying to do this and I try to cover that in this video.

Moving from the Personal to the On-Premises Data Gateway in Power BI2016-10-11T13:15:18-05:00

Power BI Auditing for a Non-Admin

I talked before about how you can use Power BI Auditing. In this video, I look at how a non-admin user can search the audit log. This can be done by adding a user to a Role Group within the Exchange Online Admin Center under Admin Roles. You can also create your own Role Group [...]

Power BI Auditing for a Non-Admin2016-10-04T08:23:51-05:00
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