Have you every run into a missing gateway in Power BI when trying to configure scheduled refresh? You set up the On-Premises Data Gateway but it isn’t showing up.

missing gateway













I’ve had this discussion with many customers. It may come down to some items that were overlooked. I have three tips that may get this working for you! There could be other reasons why it doesn’t show up these are the top three!

#1 – Create a data source for the missing gateway

The first thing to look at when you have a missing gateway is to make sure you created a data source for that gateway. Installing the On-Premises Data Gateway is not enough. That simply registers the gateway with the Power BI service and lists you as an admin for that gateway. You then need to go into the Power BI service and create a data source for that gateway.

create a data source










You can create a data source by doing the following.

  1. Select the gear icon within Power BI
  2. Select Manage Gateways.
  3. Select your gateway and then select Add Data Source.
  4. When you are done entering the information, select Add.

What do I enter here you may ask? That leads us into Tip #2!

#2 – Matching connection information with Power BI Desktop

The server name and database name have to match the Power BI service and Power BI Desktop. If they don’t match, the gateway will not be listed when you go to schedule refresh. Or, you may get an error indicating the gateway isn’t available when you are using DirectQuery or a live connection to Analysis Services.

Whatever you supply for the server within Power BI Desktop is what you will use when you create the data source. If you entered the IP Address within Power BI Desktop and then entered the server name within the data source in Power BI, we won’t find a match.

gateway mismatch














The server and database name needs to be the same.

Gateway match














You can go back and fix either entry. If you fixed it within Power BI Desktop, just re-publish the report. You can also just change the data source for the gateway to match what is listed in Power BI Desktop. Doing either should get it to work unless you are missing the item within tip #3!

#3 – Don’t forget the Users tab!

The users tab of a data source is often overlooked or misunderstood. You will want to list anyone that is wanting to publish a report and make use of the gateway here.

Gateway Users tab











If the user published a report and then goes to setup scheduled refresh, they need to be in the Users list of the data source. Otherwise, the gateway will not be listed. The user that first created the gateway will be listed on the users tab automatically.

People consuming reports do NOT need to be listed on the users tab.