This is a look at my reading goal.

Are you a slow reader like I am? I did an online test and came out at around 147 wpm. Really below average. Reading a lot of books is a common theme for successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. How can I do that if I’m such a slow reader?

The reading goal

I got the goal from watching one of Thomas Frank’s videos. I’m going to start reading 25 pages a day. But, a goal needs to be achievable and marked with progress. So, I’m going to start by setting my reading goal for 3 months. This way it doesn’t drag on forever and seem like I’ll never complete my goal.

The approach

With as slow as slow of a reader that I am, reading 25 pages will take a few hours. I don’t know that I could achieve my reading goal this way. I found a video from FightMediocrity where he talks about reading a book and listen to the audio book at 2x speed at the same time. This helps to combine two senses which increase comprehension.

It has really worked! I’m pounding through the book I’m reading right now. I’m averaging about 25-30 pages within 30 minutes. It gives me such a great feeling!

Tracking my progress

I have a spreadsheet to track my progress on the goal. This will help to keep me honest and putting it on the internet will hopefully keep me accountable. You can see the spreadsheet over on my reading journey page.