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Wednesday/Thursday – Power BI Technology and More

Every Wednesday & Thursday, we look at a tech topic. This could be a new feature, how something works or how to troubleshoot something within Power BI technology, Reporting Services and Analysis Services.

This may also include the occasional topic relating to the Microsoft Data Platform as a whole, such as SQL Server or an Azure technology. Because of Power BI, there will also be content related to Office 365 and Azure Active Directory.

How we optimize Power Query and Power BI Dataflows

Let's go into Adam's mind as he optimizes Power Query to make some Power BI Dataflows run faster to avoid resource usage. The result is INSANE AMAZING! Power Query M function reference https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerquery-m/power-query-m-function-reference

Power BI Premium Gen2 updates (January 2022)

There are some updates for Power BI Premium Gen2 you should know about! Adam talks about the upcoming migration date and more! Are you ready for Gen2? Plan your transition to Power BI Premium Gen2 [...]

Add a little info to your Sparkline in Power BI

Have you checked out sparklines in Power BI? Patrick explores how to set them up and also how you can be creative with them to add additional context to your reports! KPI Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHzSBNES6jE

Exploring Streaming Dataflows in Power BI

Are you wanting to use streaming data? Patrick looks at Streaming Dataflows! A new way to integrate streaming data into your Power BI reports! Streaming dataflows (preview) https://docs.microsoft.com/power-bi/transform-model/dataflows/dataflows-streaming

Another Power BI optimization tool – Report Analyzer

Already optimized your data model and still having some performance issues in Power BI? Check out Michael Kovalsky's Report Analyzer tool to inspect your report. Michael Kovalsky: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelkovalsky/ Michael Kovalsky's blog: https://www.elegantbi.com/ Report Analyzer https://www.elegantbi.com/post/reportanalyzer

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