Fixing Power BI Quick Measures – Time calculations

In this video, Patrick shows how you can fix quick measures that break when you use dates with time calculations. Patrick referenced a blog from Kasper de Jong. You can find that here: Use the Power BI quick calcs with your own date table

Power BI and Microsoft Flow – Monitoring your data

In this video, Patrick shows how you can use Microsoft Flow, combined with Power BI, to monitor data and alert you when something is available. This takes advantage of a streaming dataset and using the schedule recurrence in Microsoft Flow to trigger an action as Patrick wasn't using anything else to trigger it. You have [...]

Patrick to speak at SQL Saturday Baltimore

Register: Pre-Con registration: Patrick will be speaking at SQL Saturday #615 - Baltimore on May 5th and 6th 2017. He will be doing a full day pre-con on May 5th called Power BI from Desktop to Enterprise. This will be a workshop that you can follow along with Patrick as he walks through [...]

Dynamic filtering with Power BI

In this video, Patrick looks at taking URL filtering to the next level. He shows how to use dynamic filtering with Power BI reports. He also shows a neat trick of setting a link image for Web URL fields. Filtering in Power BI:

Drill from a mobile report to a paginated report in SSRS (SQL Server)

The release of SQL Server 2016 included many new and innovative features. One that intrigued me the most was the integration of Mobile Reports into SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Recently, I was planning a full-day hackathon focused on the Microsoft Data Platform and I was asked to show drill from an SSRS Mobile report [...]