Connect from Power BI Mobile to SSRS using OAuth

In this video, I show you how to configure Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) and the Web Application Proxy (WAP) role, in Windows 2016, so that you can connect from Power BI mobile to SQL Server Reporting Services using OAuth. The ADFS and WAP servers need to be running Windows Server 2016 in order for [...]

Configure Kerberos for Power BI reports in Reporting Services

I walk through how to configure Kerberos to get Power BI reports within SQL Server Reporting Services running in a distributed environment. This means Analysis Services is not on the same machine as Reporting Services. I start by showing how to configure the data source with a stored credential and using EffectiveUserName. This is similar [...]

3 Scenarios to Understand Azure Active Directory Better with Power BI

Have you struggled to understand Azure Active Directory (AAD)? Let's look at 3 scenarios, focused around Power BI, to help understand Azure Active Directory versus your local Active Directory (AD). You may not know the difference between AAD and local AD. Honestly, why does it matter? As long as your reports work and you can do [...]