Sharing your dashboard and using Content Packs with Power BI

I continue to look at Power BI, and this week is about collaboration. I look at how you can share your dashboards, and also use Organizational Content Packs to package items up and share that with your organization. I also talk about how Pro content will affect this.  

A look at Power BI Desktop

I introduce you to Power BI Desktop. It is a companion tool, for Power BI, that lets you shape and model your data, along with creating great visualizations in a report. You can publish your Power BI Desktop file to the Power BI service, store them on Reporting Services 2016, or just use the files [...]

What is Microsoft Power BI?

I introduce you to what Microsoft Power BI is at a high level. Really about helping you gain insights from your business data in a quick fashion. To help you avoid making bad business decisions.This spans from the client to the cloud to your mobile device. You can find more information by going to You [...]