Getting Started with Power BI Desktop in 5 steps

Getting started with Power BI Desktop is easy! Adam looks at 5 steps to get you up and running quickly with Power BI Desktop. From downloading, to getting data, and then building your report visuals. Getting started with Power BI Desktop Introduction to modeling your data

Sharing your dashboard and using Content Packs with Power BI

I continue to look at Power BI, and this week is about collaboration. I look at how you can share your dashboards, and also use Organizational Content Packs to package items up and share that with your organization. I also talk about how Pro content will affect this.  

A look at Power BI Desktop

I introduce you to Power BI Desktop. It is a companion tool, for Power BI, that lets you shape and model your data, along with creating great visualizations in a report. You can publish your Power BI Desktop file to the Power BI service, store them on Reporting Services 2016, or just use the files [...]

What is Microsoft Power BI?

I introduce you to what Microsoft Power BI is at a high level. Really about helping you gain insights from your business data in a quick fashion. To help you avoid making bad business decisions.This spans from the client to the cloud to your mobile device. You can find more information by going to You [...]