3 Scenarios to Understand Azure Active Directory Better with Power BI

Have you struggled to understand Azure Active Directory (AAD)? Let's look at 3 scenarios, focused around Power BI, to help understand Azure Active Directory versus your local Active Directory (AD). You may not know the difference between AAD and local AD. Honestly, why does it matter? As long as your reports work and you can do [...]

User Principal Name (UPN) Mapping in Power BI

I look at what a UPN is and how you can use the new Map user name feature to create UPN mappings for Analysis Services Live connections going through the enterprise gateway for Power BI. This allows you to not have to create an alternate UPN suffix in your local Active Directory.  

Authentication with AS live connections in Power BI

I break down how authentication works when using live connections for Analysis Services in Power BI. This happens through the enterprise gateway. You need to make sure your Analysis Services box is joined to a domain and that the email address you sign in with matches a local UPN within Active Directory.